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Mason Senior High School Reviews

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We do not have a nurse and the safety precautions could be more intense and better.
The are mostly all pretty inclusive.
Most teachers care about how the students feel, but not all.
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It hasn't been bad at all. Bullying is very small though some fights have happened. Sometimes the work load just gets to be a lot.
Most of the teachers try their best to engage the students. A lot of the teacher go above and beyond to make sure we succeed.
There are plenty of things to get involved in at school. There are sports like basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, swimming/diving, track, volleyball, and wrestling. Not only are there sports, but there's also clubs. There is art club, choir, and they are trying to start a knitting club. We also have a play each year that anyone can help out with even if they are not the main role.
I think the administration could do more for the school and care more about their students. Since I have graduated the administration has changed, from what I can see they are improving though. The new principal went to this school and has taught at it before becoming a part of the administration. Brandon Bates, the principal, does a lot for his students and really knows how to connect with them. The guidance counselors are very helpful and make note to really connect with their students. When it comes to their policies, I think they could be harsher when it comes to bullying, but from what I can see they are making steps toward that. Attendance and dress code they are very strict on, which I believe is a good thing.
Upon leaving high school, I felt prepared for college. The reason I say "it's okay" is because I believe I took advantage of everything my school had to offer. I was a top student and I was very involved in sports teams, clubs, etc. However, many students did not use all resources provided to their benefit. A common trend in my area is that once you graduate, you never leave. A lot of students/alumni graduate and never leave the high school scene. Though I am not sure if this is the high school's fault or the students' families not providing enough real-world opportunities.
I thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience as a Mason Eagle. I began getting involved my freshman year, which really helped my transition from middle school to high school. I played volleyball and ran track all four years. Being apart of a team taught me valuable leadership skills that I could not have learned in the classroom setting. It taught me the importance of teamwork; without it an individual could not succeed. Most importantly, it taught me sacrifice; in order to be successful, one must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the team, if need be. I would not change my high school background for anything. I do not believe I would be the same kind, morally upright person I am.
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