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Mason Ridge Elementary School Reviews

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Physically, it is an older building that could use some additional updates
My daughter has 'graduated' from Mason Ridge and begs me to let her return to visit her teachers. Need I say more? They are simply the best.
When I looked at private school elementary options in the area, I was told to not waste my money. More than one person told me that "Mason Ridge is the Parkway 'Private School'." Highly involved parents jump in to support the faculty and lead many of the extracurricular events to help make them happen. A great example of this is the "4rth grade fishing day" tradition. It is an all day field trip event with dozens of volunteer parents. They all know each other and each other's kids and are very supportive.
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High parental involvement helps accomplish this. Boy scouts are particularly strong and the kids all love Mason Ridge Live.
The school doesn't have a lot of diversity given its geographic location demographics, but the few minorities that are there are not treated like minorities
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