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I'm currently enrolled as a senior at Mason Highschool. The staff and administration here are great and generally care for you on a personal level. My strife with Mason is the students. Essentially there are two kinds of people that go to school here. Your athletes and the country kids, and if you don't fit in, your pretty much excluded from everything socially, as a nerd I can vouch for this. The food is terrible but they allow us to eat off campus so that's nice.
Many of the teachers in the small high school actually care about your success and want to see us succeed in life. They prepare us for the rigorous path set before us. The only downside is that they care almost too much to the point that they 'baby' the students.
I plan to excel in college thanks to the high school I will be leaving. Mason has prepared me in many ways--from the rigorous dual credit schedules to spreading and succeeding across the board of athletics, academics and community involvement. They push us in all endeavors and that has granted me opportunities many others would not have had.
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Very good school where everybody cares about the students! A lot of attention paid toward academics and college readiness. The teachers are great and it is a very safe learning environment.
One of the best things about Mason High School is the amount of volunteer opportunities it provides. At times, I feel as though my part time job is volunteering because I am constantly taking advantage of the opportunities to spend time with friends and family helping people while simultaneously building my resume. In addition, the teachers at MHS genuinely care about each and every one of their students, which is believe is the biggest contributor to our success as a whole.
I love MHS. The small school atmosphere is great to be in and the community is so supportive of the kids! Academics are challenging and the teachers always want their students to succeed. Sports are a huge deal in Mason and we are very successful, boys and girls.
Mason High School is a very successful school district that has been producing great individuals for years. The staff works to give students the tools to leave high school and enter college without the struggle of leaving home. The school district strives to give the students opportunities to find themselves and allows them to grow into adults. Being a graduate, I find that Mason prepared me to be on my own and be responsible enough to continue my studies.
This school constantly presents opportunities to advance your academic career through many school events and classes. Many advanced, AP, and dual credit classes are offered and the majority of students take them.
I am a senior at Mason High School, and I wouldn't have wanted to have my high school experience any where else. Mason has taught me more than how to be a great student. Attending Mason High School has taught me how to never give up and to always strive to achieve my goals.
Mason High is a place that makes everyone feel welcomed. Every student cares for one another and always has their backs. As an alumni, my high school years were awesome! I've learned so many life lessons at Mason. The school is heavily grounded on academics and athletics. The off campus lunch is also another plus! The small town offers a lot of charm and is immensely involved with supporting the school district.
Academics is always our first priority
Doing the right thing is a habit for us
As always, academics comes first but we take extracurricular activities very seriously. Winning with class is a motto of ours.
Not only do we take our academics seriously, but we try to succeed in every aspect of high school. We are the hardest working school in athletics, UIL, and keep our status as a Blue Ribbon School.
The teachers at Mason High School are always making sure that every student receives the best attention in order to help them succeed in the future.
Overall being a senior I have grown to love this school. For the most part the staff was very friendly and helpful and I never had to many problems. Mason high has given me many memories, but my favorite would have to be the time I was apart of the football training staff at the state game. I remember looking up into the stands while standing on the field of the Dallas cowboys stadium and seeing a sea of purple. The amount of sprite my little 2A town had to offer in such a large area was truly remarkable. I can only picture the town of mason that day as ghost town, because the whole population was is Dallas, Texas. When I look into my future I hope to one day find a town like mason to raise my kids, because the idea of having a community that backs a high school the way mine does is mind blowing.
Getting accepted is not hard. You may see groups of people throughout the halls, but at the end of the day we end up as one group. Every one are friends here. If you feel left out, all you have to do is talk to someone and that will change.
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We have a wide of organizations available to students from FFA to FCCLA, and even a chess club. Our FFA members have competed at the state level many years. The leaders of the clubs are very helpful, and always looking for new members.
All the teachers will bend over backwards to help students. They always try to get students to consider ACE or coming to tutorials before school. If you need to make up a test, teachers will stay after school without a doubt. You will never come across a negative teacher here.
The food is definitely cafeteria food, so it's nothing amazing. The ladies in our cafeteria are very generous, and meet the needs of every student. There are always vegetables available for students to take, and most of the time they are served as a side on the plate.
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