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Mason is a small school with so the teacher have the ability to be hands on with the students unlike bigger schools.
I have attended Mason High School since I first started preschool there. Even though I did not have as many classes as I would have liked, I learned some pretty good information from most of the courses I have taken. This school supported me to concentrate on my academics when I felt pressured by other non-related school activities that consumed my time. Though it is small, Mason is a good school
Mason is a small school. All of the relationships are pretty close-knit. a few of the teachers teach well. Some of them do not. The only sports we have are softball/baseball, and basketball. Those teams aren't very good. The teachers are very supportive of the students. The parents are involved. The food is okay. Holidays are greatly celebrated. There is an academic team, and a gifted and talented program. The people attending the school know all of the faculty and staff well. It's a friendly environment in a small community.
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the academics offered are great.
people here can be mean when they want to be to you and you can't do much about it they talk behind your back talk about you family and they are rude. they are also very big difference if you don't hang in with the popular crowd.
it is not the worst but we don't have much after school activities for people to get involved in.
their teaching styles and stuff are great they know what they are talking about even if they explain it in a difficult way and some of us don't get what is happening especially chemistry!
i think is okay because people do drugs and stuff at school but the police have came and took people out of school because of their drugs are in their locker or car.
We have very little security at our school and visitors can enter/exit as they please. No ID's for staff or students. No school nurse.
There are very limited after school activities. Basketball, Softball or FFA.
For the most part our teachers are really good and truly want to see students succeed and learn, however, I feel the structure is weak and our learning is limited because we do not have enough teachers to teach upper level classes.
I would choose this school again because of the food and some really good friends.
The support of our administration is great. There their for you when your struggling or going through a hard time.
There isn't much taken in to keep us safe. We just have to watch our backs.
There was at one point many extracurricular activities, but with funds being low many had to cut back.
I didn't have many friends here, and since it's a small school, everyone was up in your business.
I myself am not a fan of this, but the schools policy is very enforcing.
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Some of the food is okay, but it doesn't have much flavorful options.
Our school is non-prejudice, giving equal opportunities to all students.
Last year, our school was recognized as one of the top schools in Oklahoma
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