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Mason High School has been home to many memories I will never forget. Late Friday nights after the football games, study groups at IHOP, and the amazing community. This place is the best High School any student could go to in Ohio thanks to the thoughtful staff and students.
Mason High School was a great environment. Many of the teachers go out of their way to make sure their students succeed in their best ability. It was nothing other than a positive environment with great people surrounding you
Overall Mason Highschool has been very helpful when it comes to learning and you can ask as many questions as needed!
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The teachers were very nice to me and would understand if I was having home problems and would help me with them.
One thing that I like the most about this school is that you can get help from any teacher at anytime and they are willing to help you. I also like that the students are friendly to each other.
I love the overall environment the school provides day-to-day. I especially appreciate the quality CBI Program, which allows us (as students) to interact with each member of our school family regardless of differences.
Being in Mason High School has changed me so much as a person. It has helped me to blossom into a new person, much more social and open minded. I have been very motivated while there and have pursued the advanced route in all of the typical courses: Social studies, math, foreign language, and English.
There are certain teachers here who would go to any heights to help you succeed, they truly care about your well being and it’s a great feeling
what i love about mason is the amount of opportunities you have with the diversity of clubs and electives you can join, but i feel as if the administration isnt very involved with certain extracurriculars such as FFA.
For a small town high school, I feel that I got a pretty good education during my time here. The teachers here are/were phenomenal. Many of them have fueled my passions for certain subjects (Foreign Language, Business, Science, etc.). The buildings are pretty old and slightly falling apart. However, the bond they just passed should alleviate all of those problems. I feel that I was well-prepared for college.
The teachers are very friendly, but can be inconsistent with homework and teaching style. The student population isn't extremely diverse, but students overall are nice and accepting. The sports teams are pretty good, some are really good, and support for athletics is great.
I transfered to Mason in seek of better schooling and a greater group of friends and I believe I have never made a better decision. Everyone around cares, teachers love what they do, and students are eager to learn. Their is a variety of sports and after school activities with many student and teacher involvement.
Overall okay school, would be better if there were more opportunities both academically and in extra curriculars.
I enjoy the administrative staff, they are very insightful and there is no doubt that they want what is best for me and my future. Overall I have had a pretty good experience within my High School career but wish that coming into High School I would have had a better idea for what was to come for me in my future years and how to prepare and plan so that I may set myself up for the brightest future possible even before entering the High School level.
Mason high school was great. The teachers and staff are excellent and really care about the students.
Through my years of attending Mason High School I have come to love the environment and overall atmosphere that it brings. I would say that overall the school involves itself with bettering the community for example the soccer team plays a game against a rival team for the organization compete for a cause. This raises money for childhood cancer research and this past year we raised 51 thousand dollars. In addition the teachers are phenomenal and go out of their way to make connections with the students and make sure they have the tools they need to prepare for college.
Mason High School has helped me grow as a student, and most importantly, as a person. The teachers really make you think and shape your learning the best they can. It really helps that they let you stay after for more 1-on-1 help as well.
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Mason High School is a great place to go to school. Many of the students that attend are very friendly. The teachers will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed and have the opportunity to move on to the next level.
All the students and teachers are very nice and welcoming, and I know all the teachers' names. Many of them know mine as well, whether or not I have had them for a class. The arts get less funding than would be ideal. I have seen very little bullying, and everyone is free to be friends with pretty much anyone else.
The teachers try hard for the most part, but many allow kids to do the bare minimum and grade inflation is common. The majority of kids don't try very hard and are content with not going to college or going to community college. Athletes are very into sports but the majority of students aren't.
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