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My experience with the Mason County School system has been astounding and phenomenal. From the many learning opportunities, to the many great, friendly teachers, the schools has so many astounding feats that make me proud to say that I went there. But not everything is perfect. What I would change for the school is the building itself. Some parts of the building are in poor condition and I'd recommend taking the same steps that our neighboring county, Fleming county, has done and remodel some parts of the school. Other than that, I'd recommend this school for any teenager.
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I love going to school at Mason County high school. Everyone is always helping each other out. The teacher's are very invested in the students and they always find time to help anyone who needs it. Our academic program provides so many options for our students. We have honors classes, advanced placement classes, and college classes in our high school which allow students to get a jump start on college credits. We also have many extra curricular activities for students to participate in. The athletic programs here are also great. The school is always supportive of our sports teams which brings our school closer together. Overall I feel that our school is amazing. It may be small and it may not have a bunch of people but the environment is very friendly.
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I like all the available AP classes as well as the available elective classes. Besides that there are many clubs available for students to participate in, and the classes like JROTC and Band are highly rated.
While I found many flaws in Mason County High School, I understand the opportunities I had in that school compared to other public schools in the area.
Mason county is a very good school to get help a student get ahead. They offer many different advanced classes up to college classes taught by teachers at school as well as dual enrollment at the local community college along with any other high school classes.
Any information given to students is done late or never, and it's a struggle to find the information you're looking for. Although MCHS is advanced when it comes to using technology in the classroom, other resources are dated and scarce. There are a select few teachers that look at you as an individual and make learning fun, while most are there for the paycheck. My high school experience here is most likely going to be forgettable.
MCHS is a great school that has amazing teachers and amazing programs. This school is very tech forwards with how each student gets there own chrome book to use for studies, and its great because the world as we know it is getting more and more digital so getting this exposure to technology use is great. This school also does not allow any form of bullying which makes this school a place for expressing emotions. Also our schools steam program is great as well, its a spin off of the nationwide stem program that includes Ag and just tackles several carrier pathways. This school is super cool and would recommend this school for anyone.
At Mason County High school I enjoyed the small class size as well as the courses offered. However, I wish I could have taken the forensic science classes before they were cut from the curriculum. The best part was learning about interesting subjects in psychology and being a part of the marching band. I believe that certain courses prepared me fairly well for college seeing as i seemed to transition well into college life from high school.
Mason County High School is a great public school to attend. We participate in many programs such as "Pennies for Patients". We have a lot of pathways in our school to choose from such as Child Development, Agriculture, Medical, Technology, Culinary, and Engineering. Every student at this school is given an iPad to use for classes. We use apps such as google classroom and infinite campus to allow the students to access class work without using much paper. I am currently taking the Medical pathway and I've found it really interesting. During this pathway we have dissected many things such as a sheeps heart, a liver, a cows eye, as well as muscles. We get to do labs almost every week such as DNA gel electrophoresis, and DNA Microarrays.
Mason County High School is, overall, a decent school. There is a large importance put on sports, and sometimes it overshadows academics. There are some incredible teachers, but like any school, they come with some equally unsatisfying teachers. Many of the clubs and extra curricular activities are top notch in the state. All in all, I believe this school needs some improvements structurally speaking; it is a little outdated. The faculty are generally ares nice as they can be. There isn't much of a bullying problem amongst students and everyone generally gets along well. Mason County High School is a good school for its size and location.
Mason County High School is a very technologically advanced school. Each student at the school is given an iPad for the school year and is expected to use it for homework, classes and research. While this is a great part of the school something I would like to see changed is the amount of support that extra-curricular activities get. The marching band at Mason county has received numerous amounts of awards for outstanding performances and are only just now getting the recognition we all desire from our new super-intendent. He has helped in many ways to help provide new instruments and has showed up to many of our concerts. I hope that one day all of the extra-curricular activities throughout the school districts feels as great full as our program has felt in the past years.
The academics offered at this school are very helpful. Each student should be able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world situations. Classes that pertain to career pathways are also offered so students become college and career ready by the time they graduate high school.
Most social groups stick to their own. Everyone just sticks with their own groups and don't mix very often.
There are more than enough extracurricular activities available and most of them are nationally recognized.
There is some parent involvement, but mostly the involvement is from the sports teams' parents.
Most of my teachers that I have for higher education classes are intent on my learning, but the ones I had for core content classes weren't as nice in the classroom.
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Mason County is definitely diverse and everyone is accepted here.
There are multiple options, but the scheduling could be done better. We just opened up the STEAM building which makes the scheduling process extremely hard if you want to go down a science, technology, engineering, agriculture, or math pathway.
This school offers many different extracurricular activities and clubs. There is a club out there that will suit almost every student in the school.
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