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Mason County Eastern Middle/High School Reviews

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Mason County Eastern Highschool is a local small school in a small town called Custer. The staffs are friendly and kind. Teachers go out of their way to help students one on one if they are struggling or in need of help. Take serious actions against bullying. Well maintained environment other than the farm next to the school. Certain season the school will start to smell like cow manure, which could be included as a distraction but others are used to the smell. Summarizing the school up I would say the school is a regular, small, average school near farm land.
It's a smallish school, but it's perfect. The teachers try to help you out the best they can and teach you a lot of things that are relate to your life. Plus, they give you information that you can connect to when you go visit places. You get to know almost everyone in the school.
Although there have been situations at the school that doesnt make it a good school, but in the end everyone has a great time. The way the teachers care puts my school aside from every other school. Id choose this school because the learning area is great and the teachers care.
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We have many programs at MCE that helps make sure that kids are doing well and that they are doing the work the best to thier abilities. They actually show that they care and want to see us succeed.
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