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I'd say we don't have much diversity in our school or culture appreciation. But when there is, the students are very accepting.
There's a huge selection of classes offered here at my school. There's the classes that are mandatory for graduation and then fun classes like Reading For Enjoyment or Walking For Fitness. All of the teachers teach more than one subject which I think is great. It's really easy getting help with scheduling because our counselors are so great. I also like having the flexibility to be able to go over to the college if I chose to take a college class or CTE. The bus helps a lot of kids out who don't have their licenses yet or a car.
The health and safety of Mason County Central is great. We were trained for two weeks about safety from our local police. We were taught to barricade doors and to actually fight when someone invades our school with intentions of hurting my classmates and teachers. Which was actually kind of shocking because up until this year, we were taught to hide, not fight. I like it is a good idea to teach people everywhere to fight back because it reminds you of your worth. Not to just sit there with the lights off waiting to see if the intruder will find you or not. Also, a person in particular, our health teacher, is known to be the person to find when someone gets hurt.
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There are MANY things students can get involved with. There's sports; Football, volleyball, cross country, soccer, sideline cheerleading, basketball, bowling, competitive cheerleading, wrestling, softball, baseball, and also, track & field. But if a student isn't interested in sports there are plenty of clubs to get into; S.A.D.D., ski club, choir, band, forensics, student council, and quiz bowl.
I've had great years as a Spartan student. Although, I do like forgetting ablut middle school because that was just awkward for all of us. High school has been a great time. No matter what your interests are, there's something here to get involved with. Whether it's a club like S.A.D.D. or a sport like football, there's something for everyone. If I could do it all over again, I don't think I would take the opportunity to do so. I've met so many great friends. Also, some teachers are really nice and understanding.
A lot of the teachers get students involved, but I don't think they try to get students who feel out of place involved as much as they should. High schools hard for a lot of kids and I'd like to see them feel more comfortable with their surroundings.
At my school we are very secure when it comes to "lock-downs". We have a boot system on every door in the facility and the amount of athletes in our school helps when people need to step up to barricade if ever needed. I feel the general physical and mental health is moderate to positive. Most people have good families and are physically active.
At my school, we are known for all of our extracurricular activities including: sports, forensics, band, jazz band, quiz bowl, national honor society and HG Bacon award(3.33+GPA for entire school year). We also have a skiclub student counsel and SADD program at our school. I'd say at least 75% of the students are active in at least one of these programs.
Some of my most fond memories attending this school were playing sports with some of my closest friends. At our school we normally have a few different sports teams that qualify for state every year. I am a three-sport athlete and I am very satisfied with our sports programs. I would want to stay in this area because it is close to the beach, yet far enough to where you can have some privacy and land. Some activities I like to do is go hunting, working, swimming, skateboarding, riding dirt bikes and much more. This community is not given enough credit for all of the talents and organizations put together within this small county.
Most teachers go above and beyond what they are required to do. They help students in our facility with social or learning problems. Grading is very consistent, and there are a lot of programs offered at our school. In my opinion, our school has a lot of foundation and potential to be the best school around, but our population is limited and not many students attend.
The academics aren't that strong, mostly from lack of teachers here from budget cuts... a few years back there was a slew of options available to students, but many teachers teach many topics now to cover for missing spaces. In fact, there's two unused amazing chemistry and biology rooms, but no teacher to teach it, except in a small cramped room. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS! :) Students may join an early college program and graduate with an associate degree or do CTE or dual enrollment out at the college!
People in this area, at least from what I've seen at the middle and high school are very accepting. Although there isn't much racial diversity, racial diversity has increased in the last couple years.
I love the programs here! The sports are great and so is the glee club and the Forensics team!!!!!
Teachers are great for the most part. There are the few that don't seem to do much, but that's rare. Overall, they are very interested in students and are consistent in grading.
We do good safety tests (lock downs, fire drills, etc.) often enough that you feel like you know what you're doing. Teachers are quick to stop bullying. No school nurse though, the health teacher is normally made to run around to emergencies. Overall though, a safe, comfortable school and I have never felt in danger there.
I feel better about attending school here now since we've had our ALICE training.
In my opinion, this school doesn't really put as much effort into extracurricular activities as it does with certain sports programs, and it isn't fair.
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The school is pretty diverse in the student body and everyone gets along rather well. Just like with a typical high school, there's a fair amount of drama but it's livable. Students get really pumped for football and basketball games and the experience is fun. But they don't pay enough attention to all sports.
Teachers here should learn how to teach their material in more than one way and take into consideration that not everyone learns at the same rate or is at the same level of knowledge. The teachers are all very friendly and pretty easy to get along with.
As to my knowledge, there are not many extracurricular opportunities. There is a Jazz band, a S.A.D.D. team, a Student Council, and then the sports teams. Other then that we don't have anything special or that really stands out compared to other schools.
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