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Mason Classical Academy is a great school with well-educated staff members and a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college.
Our family has been a part of MCA since the beginning. The school has grown and is continuing to improve in areas like student life and activities. First graduation this year, prom, high school sock hop and so much more. They students and staff continue to work hard to teach so that they learn not teach to a state test. The school has earned great scores on state tests each year. We could not be more please with the education that our kids receive.
I am happy to report that our first grader, who had zero interest in learning a year ago is now (after only a month at Mason Classical) reading🙌🏼, can recite classic poems and the preamble to the US constitution, he knows the 7 continents, is striving in math, can point out rivers in countries across the globe, is mastering the Riggs phonics and is showing confidence that we have not seen before, and above all he is excited to learn and he LOVES his school. And he has a blast at recess everyday with his new friends. This school ALWAYS puts safety first! Our minds are at ease everyday knowing that he is in the safest place he can be.

We love that there isn't any room for anything but learning at this school. My son is easily distracted like most kids, here the distractions are very limited. Children's minds do need to be challenged and they thrive on these challenges, our son is living proof of that. We are so grateful for Mason Classical Academy 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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We moved here aboiut a year ago and last school year my child was in one of the public schools, he was just another number. This school has completely changed my mind on Florida's school system. Love this school!!!!
The quality of education at Mason Classicla Academy is great but beyond that students do not experience much and are constantly pushed down by the strict rules of the school and if your ideas differ from those of the founders of the school that is not viewed as positive.
Mason is a school with exceptional academics and college readiness classes and programs. It stays firm in its classical and virtuous values and does not waver. I would like to see more fun events happen at the school to balance out the difficult but valuable learning experience.
Mason classical academy opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. The school system is set up to help teachers teach without too old many regulations, and it works. It has allowed me to ponder aspects freedom, life, happiness, the rights of man, biology, calculus, and many other subjects that are important to help ones intellectual stomach expand.
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