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Mason City High School is in a great small town, with 800 students. We have lots of after school activities and sports teams. Hockey, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, golf, swimming, volleyball, cross country, track and field, football, wrestling. The hard part is our school is the largest in our area. We have to travel to Des Moines, 2 hours each way. Mason City is competitive with the small schools around us, but not within the capital of Des Moines. We play for the love of our sports!
Some of the teachers care about your education. However you will find that most teachers are pushovers and are more preoccupied with making themselves look better.
I didn't have the best time at MCHS, I would love to see changes, like in techers, because there are not many teachers there who care about the students
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Mason City High School does not necessarily prepare students for college or life. Many students are excluded from school for behavior instead of staff working with them to keep behaviors down. Students are not treated in a way that makes them want to go to school.
Mason City High School has a ton of different classes to take. It is great for exploring different things and seeing if you like them. We have many students come from other schools because of our wide range of classes and sports.
I have never really seen any face to face bullying, most people seem to mind there own business. Some of the teachers care about all student, others don't. School games are always very fun to watch since everyone comes together and cheers.
As a freshman, the first day of high school can be intimidating. It becomes even more intimidating when you're a freshman who just moved halfway across the country. After all the typical rumors that come with being the new girl, a few still persisted into the later semester. The problem had only continued to worsen the more I tried ignoring it, so I had to take different measures. I contacted the Dean of Students and had told him about my on going situation, including texts and online proof. The only actions the school decided to take was to talk to the girl(s) on the opposite side of the situation; worsening the problem further more. These problems continued well into my junior year with little to no repercussions. Constantly having to worry about my well being at school made me feel unsafe at an establishment I spent much of my time at and affected my learning process. Student safety should be a top priority for any school and Mason City High School is lacking.
Throughout the year the policies loosen up and are not as strict. At first the school wants everyone checking in and out at the attendance office when the come and leave from school but I feel like the policie is not as strict at the end of the year. All the doors are locked throughout the school day but there are students walkkng the halls that let others in and is a normal thing to happen.
The music education is great. The teachers always have their door open and are ready to help, they are also understanding with issues you bring to them. The equipment, curriculum, and facilities were all thought out and are detail oriented. Many students are interested in the music classes and bring a lot of positive attention to our school.
We are all very connected, we may be a big school but we all have school spirit. Our athletics and music are a big reason we are connected, we support eachother.
The teachers all have different teaching styles and offer many ways to learn all the subjects. They keep things interesting so learning is fun.
Our nurse and counselors are always there to help us, we have strict rules. There is security, all doors locked once school is in session, visitor passes, and an intercom to announce emergencies. I feel completely safe at MCHS.
Bullying was looked past very often at MCHS.
I have had a great time with my teachers in high school. I was lucky to be one of the smart students that just learned easy.
Most teachers do not do everything they possibly can to be a better teacher or have connections with the students.
We have almost all sports for male and female, with coaches who know what they are doing. We have many clubs such as anime, break dancing, art, robotics, and many more. We have school games such as protect the pins or dodge ball.
As a class we are all close and students support each other through all struggles. Right now we are selling shirts and raising money for a freshmen who is battling cancer, we also have teachers who we are strongly supporting through their battles as well. This school has a strong bond running through all students and teachers.
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All teachers have different styles of teaching and they also incorporate different ways to learn subjects. There are usually multiple teachers for core subjects so through your high school career you are experiencing their different styles.
We need better facilities and fields and priority to be sport teams.
The math department is very poor. Most kids fail math classes. Kids have to hire their own tutors outside of school and pay for them.
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