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My experience at Mashpee High School was that I was always excited and ready to go to school the following day. The teachers and administration are very caring and qualified. Many events and organizations were available to students to be involve with the community.
This school does not prepare you for college, university or anything beyond high school. The teachers are more concerned about political agendas and their poor life decisions. 10/10 would not recommend.
Had a great four years here after transitioning from private school. I was very involved in clubs, activities, and volunteering. This school has amazing support for all of its sports too. The community is very involved in all the eclectic opportunities our school showcases. Academically I was offered a wide range of study options and took a couple AP courses while enrolled. I feel like I had a very well rounded experience at Mashpee high school.
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My experience at Mashpee High School has been fantastic. The staff and faculty are wonderful, arts and athletics programs are both extremely well-rounded, and my education seems pretty great to me.
Mashpee is not a very good school, being a senior and reflecting I wish I had gone to any other school. They don't offer many options in the schedule or when you can take classes. Moreover many of their classes are "singletons" which means they are only offered by one teacher one period. Which interferes with many other AP Classes if you want to have many AP classes. Likewise they only encourage one student from a graduating class to try for the Ivy's and the rest state schools. They aren't prestigious and many of the students aren't competitive and have a major shock in university. Would not recommend for your children.
My time at mashpee high school has been nothing but amazing. The faculty and students are outstanding and it's a very close knit community. I've always felt very welcomed, especially in after school sports, clubs, and activities. Their college readiness class like Junior and Senior Seminar have really helped me with the beginning of my college processes and I couldn't thank the Mashpee School district anymore.
Mashpee high school for me was a great experience for me. The teachers were very helpful and pushed me to always do better and to get ready for the next step. Also the sports were the best and the teams were like another family to me.
Very active parents mostly moms
There are many teachers at Mashpee High School most do go up and above some don't as much but still do a fair amount. Mashpee administration is absolutely exquisite and hard working for the students.
The safety is good. I don't see many health concerns in our school. It is a healthy school and safe.
There are many activities. Some that we have are DECA, HOSA, Key Club, Spanish club, Investment Club, and Drama club. We are a small school and have so many options it is so great.
The school is great because it has so many activities for kids to be involved in. The administration wants us to come to them with new ideas and new activities we want to have in the school. They have something for everyone. We are a small school but have such a big variety of extra curricular activities and sports. We have a culinary arts program and a great technology center that has a 3D printer. I love the teachers and how my classes are run. It is a great environment. I would chose this school again because of the teachers and all of the activities that we have to choice from at the school.
The teachers are great. Almost all of them are willing to stay after school with me if I need it. They do encourage kids that are struggling to stay after school. It is a great environment to be in. They are great at helping and leading the class. Our class of 2018 is a very well liked class. Most teaching talk about how we are a great class and a competitive class meaning grades. They have great teachers working in our school.
there is a wide range of activities after school and there is always a place for someone to join a group.
I haven't had too many bad experiences here. I have gotten along with everyone and I've made some really great friends.
All of the teachers at our school are unigie and very knowledgable. They all have their own teaching styles and ways of approaching a lesson and their students. They all want their students to succeed.
Mashpee has an extensive anti bullying policy and it's strictly enforced.
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There are a nice mix of extracurricular activities at school. From a wide range of sports to clubs and community service organizations. I am a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance and actually I'm the vice president. We have a rather small group, about 8 members however we are represented at all school events. I personally have advocated for LGBTQ issues and my senior project is to speak in all grade level health classes(9th-12th) discussing issues that affect people that identify as LGBTQ.
In generally I joy Mashpee High School. The diversity and acceptance of different people and cultures at the school I think is about average.
Mashpee High School is pretty good. Most teacher care about the students, however they run a very structured classroom. This doesn't give much room for "outside the box" thinking
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