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Mascoutah Middle School Reviews

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I would like to see a change in the teachers. They are very rude and disrespectful towards students. They often get off of the lesson. The new principal also takes time away from our free period. Lunch is supposed to be the one time that we can socialize with our peers, but instead he interrupts this time with making me be quiet or reciting announcements that we’ve already heard.
so listen up: the middle school was trash! those people had mold in their ceilings and gon try and tell me they were water stains. water stains my guy? nah that was straight up mold. made me mad uncomfortable.
This school falls about average for all topics. They are neither outstanding nor are they inadequate.
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It seemed like a typical spread of cafeteria food. I will say that they milkshakes that we could buy for extra were really good.
I believe that there is an adequate range of topic covered in the curriculum, but there are some gaps that they leave. It isn't until much later that we learn about some more serious topics that I believe we could have been exposed to previously.
There are a few sports teams. For the most part, each only takes a handful of students, so there isn't a whole lot of opportunities if you do not have at least some skill already in the sport.
The safety was present, but I never experienced very much of it at this particular school. During my years here, it was pretty quiet. For the most part, I believe this school is very safe.
The teachers are very good at their jobs and really accommodate different ways of explaining topics to those who do not quite grasp it the first time. They are very dedicated to making sure the students learn.
Middle school is always a hard time for students. What made this school more enjoyable was the friends I made there. They really helped me through, and we supported each other. I would choose it again simply because of the amazing friends I made there.
The policies that were in place were reasonable and enforced well. It just did not always come across to some of the students though.
I always found the clubs enjoyable because the fit my interests. Junior Beta Club recognized our academic achievements and promoted volunteering which I have always found fun. Environmental Club really taught me some valuable things about our environment and promoted my interest in science.
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