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The school was a great way to prepare for college. Athletics are highly supported by teachers and community.
I moved to Mascoutah my Sophomore year and was immediately treated like family. I gained friends and met many new people throughout the years. My time at the school has truly prepared me for college life and eventually life in the workforce. I have also been very blessed to have had some of the greatest teachers help me throughout hard classes. I have also been able to learn an abundance of knowledge through these teachers at Mascoutah High School. Along with learning, I have been able to compete on very competitive tennis and basketball teams all three years. Overall, going to Mascoutah High School has been a wonderful experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Mascoutah High School is the best and only high school I have ever attended. The school is one of the few in the great state of Illinois to have money and it uses it well. I feel prepared and ready to take on the world and I believe the great education I got from Mascoutah helped me get here.
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The whole dynamic about Mascoutah was amazing. After transfering there from a very small town with less than 400 students in the whole school. It was very friendly and inviting. I enjoyed attending Mascoutah for as long as I did. I would definitely recommend it to someone.
I enjoyed pep rallies and being in the various club. I also found comfort in the few faculty members that truly care about students, and are willing and able to help them. However, many students may agree that there is a large focus on football and other athletics. Where much money is spent on extravagant items for these teams such as; a new turf field, a third gym, and brand new weight room. There is little focus or support from the administration for other clubs such as; speech, drama, chess, Spanish, and art clubs.
It was clean inside, and I liked that. It felt like going to the school in High School Musical at times because of the cleanliness and open space and large posters of students. I thought most of the teachers were great, but there were some who seemed to dislike their jobs and students. Plus, one teacher seemed to talk too much to his students about his relationships, but that still wasn't too bad. Guidance counselors were chill. Color-guard was a crazy experience. Good school, but room for improvement.
The teachers were great and are extremely willing to help students succeed. I received many great experiences from this high school from leadership skills to learning how to create a daily show in one of my classes to volunteering for a club in the school.
The school was great a few years ago, but now things are kind of falling apart with the administration and their teaching values. They do not promote anti-bullying and don't help students with serious issues.
Mascoutah High School is a perfect place for a high school student. It offers numerous activities that channel the passions and interests of many. It truly values hard work and dedication and grows with it. The faculty of the high school are so welcoming and always ready to help! Everyone's goal is to grow with education and to share and accept knowledge. Student's opinions are highly encouraged and are always heard.
I am currently a senior in High School and I attended MHS my junior year. I chose to then participate in a program the school offers to fast track my college education. I think that Mascoutah is a good school, but like anything else there are things that could be fixed. I think that the school can be better at embracing everyone as Mascoutah is a very small town, and generally everyone knows everyone. With that being said, children who have lived in Mascoutah their whole lives are very close with one another and it can be hard to fit into their group.
This school gave me a pretty average high school experience. I got to meet many new people being that this is a majority military school with a base not to far, new kids are a pretty normal thing. I didn't have the greatest time but it wasn't terrible either. Overall this is a pretty average school.
This school had a lot of great teachers in it. They had many fun assemblies and many fun activities for its students. The administration however is questionable...
My experience at Mascoutah High School has been great! The staff really cares for their students and their success in future endeavors. There are many clubs within the school designed for our diverse student body and many after school gatherings within our community to show community pride. I love MHS!
I had several classes where I felt as if I were teaching myself because the teacher did not teach or lecture during class time. Overall the staff is good. There are some issues with certain topics. For instance, the school did not allow students to walk out in support of the March for Our Lives movement. They instead promoted a kindness event that echoed social media urges that put the responsibility of preventing school shootings on students, which I, along with many of my classmates, found issue with. However, the community at Mascoutah is supportive and boasts decent sports programs. The arts programs are quickly going downhill at full fault of those in change of hiring the staff and funding, which is upsetting.
I think everything overall is good. They make sure we are looking for colleges at the right point. We do practice ACT and SAT to make sure we are well prepared. Overall the school is pretty great. But I do think the school should allow phones in school, for students and teachers.
I went to Mascoutah for all 4 years and after the renovations, I really enjoyed it. The teachers are brilliant, and the clubs and sports are great. Definitely the best school in the area.
All the teachers are nice and care about your success. Everyone in the school is there to learn and make the people around them better.
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I would say going to Mascoutah, as a black teen, is probably a very troubling experience. This is a very racist town and school and a lot of the race issues that happen here are swept under the rug. While the school may be great academically wise, it is not so great when it comes to acceptance.
They provide a program called Running Start. It allows highschool juniors so go to the local community college for their last two years of highschool. When they graduate, they will have an associates degree as well as their highschool diploma. They are very good at keeping you up to date on inschool activities.
From an outside perspective, Mascoutah High School seems like a luxurious and modern high school. The building is new and well kept with a decent amount of facilities available such as two gymnasiums, a large auditorium, and personal laptops available for each student. However, the academics of the school prove to be lack luster as most of the staff cares for the school's athletics programs over its educational value.
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