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Masconomet Regional Middle School Reviews

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The education from Masconomet is one of the best locations for a child to receive their education from. However, the workload can be a lot, sometimes even unnecessarily excessive, especially at the end of the year. There are writing tutoring programs, and after-school help for 45 minutes Monday through Thursday. The teachers are very helpful when asked questions before or after-school. The curriculum however, is too centered around standardized testing and isn't focused enough on the learning.
The health at this school is average. There are times when flu season rolls around and lots of people are sick but other than that, everyone in school is healthy. The school is very safe as well, the school having two armed police officers and having a visitor sign-in sheet for anyone that's not regularly in the building.
There's a large number of extracurricular activities that are available to all the students including things that are not traditionally taught at school such as radio hosting or how feminism plays a role in daily life.
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I like the teachers at this school and the great learning experience I have here. I find what the teachers teach in their classrooms isn't just something that's going to be on a standardized test later on -- it's something that we can apply to our lives, such as in cancer research in biology or how the Cold War affected the modern era.
I find that the teachers that I have been taught by go very in depth with what they teach to us students. I have found that subjects I wasn't really interested in before I love now.
It's okay I guess

There's not a lot of diversity in the kinds of things though
Helicopter parents. Most of them are really successful and are pressuring their kids to do the same. Think that their kids are absolutely perfect and that it's someone else's fault when something goes wrong. Many parents do their kids' work for them.
The teachers are always willing to help you, and are never unfair
Personally my guidance counselor for the past few years was not very helpful, he was always busy with other things and wasn't really there to help me. Especially at the start of my senior year he was very absent from school and could not provide me the help that i needed.
There is not a lot of diversity at school. Myself being a part of that diversity it is not hard for me to fit in. Most people accept other people. I do not think that peer pressure is a huge problem at our school.
I never eat school lunch unless I forget to pack my lunch. School lunch would be my very last option because it just doesn't taste very good.
I feel very safe at my school, their are professionals their for protection and good security measures are taken. Police officers come in from time to time to check on us, the school nurse is very nice and helps us with what we need.
This school is great because the teachers want to help you learn and the friends I have made has made my experience at Masconomet even better. My favorite experience was the poetry slam activity our school held last year, it was great to have first on experience of what a poetry slam is like. I would choose this school again because it is in a great location and the staff try to make your experience at the school great.
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