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Very good learning environment. The school community tried to be as inclusive as they could and involve everyone.
Masconomet was just An ordinary school for me. One thing I did not like was it was very cliquey and the atmosphere was not the best. I tried to get help from some teachers and didn’t end up getting any. I am hoping that one day they can change the school to make sure that everyone can be friends with each other, and that there is no bullying, which Masco has it’s fair share of. In college, I hope to find my way into something greater, and not think about my past there.
I personally liked my guidance counselor at Masconomet Regional High School because he helped me get the support I needed when I was struggling. I would also like to appreciate the guidance I had with one of the school therapist that met with me once a week to check up on how I felt while being at school. I also want to appreciate the academic support program at the school, and my coordinator that helped me through times when I did not understand work. They all taught me self advocating skills that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my life. Overall I felt pretty confident in Masconomet Regional High School with the programs I was provided.
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Masconomet has a really good education program that can be rigorous but overall it is fairly enjoyable. Many students have close bonds with some of their teachers where they stay after school to have conversations before sports practice or hang out in their classrooms during homeroom. This shows how comfortable students are with most of the faculty and staff and how through classes or club activities students can learn to rely on their teachers for personal or educational problems. While some teachers like getting to know their students, others are more focused on academics and behavior. If I were to change something I would have a teacher assembely where they learn how to educate students in a way that is enjoyable and doesn't feel like busy work. They can do this by incorporating it with real world situations, and not the type in math class about the amount of corn is harvested each month but things that could be helpful to studets when they are adults or living on their own.
I enjoyed the extensive STEM opportunities that were provided to high school students. But, Masconomet High School had many bullying and diversity problems such as hate speech graffiti on the walls on multiple occasions. The academics were great, but there should be more diversity/cultural awareness courses available to students.
It is a great learning environment and everyone is very friendly. Teachers make it very easy to do well in their classes because there is after school help almost every day.
Excellent classes, excellent teachers. Little to no diversity at the school though. Many clubs and sport there is something for everyone. Excellent job at preparing students for college.
It’s a good school that does very well when it comes to academics. It has a lot of support from the parents and the community. But it lacks diversity. 99% of the students are white. The school itself is outdated and so are the fields. Many kids leave because Masco lacks good sports programs.
I had an overall great experience at Masconomet. All my teachers were very helpful when I was struggling and the environment in general is good. I am happy to have spent my high school career here and it was a good time being involved in the activities like sports, photo club, and Spanish club.
The academics of this school are great, insanely good, that is, if you excel. If you don't excel, you kind of fall under the radar. I don't mean falling under the radar of all the teachers, but you fall behind in social groups. 90% of the kids in this school have awesome grades, so when you're kind of a C and low B student, you kind of fall under the radar.

Although, the teachers on the other hand, they're awesome. They will actually reach out to you if you need help, they WANT to know what THEY can do to help YOU.
Would not recommend African Americans attend this school because of a large percentage of racist white kids. Experiencing racism everyday and not being able to talk to anyone is not enjoyable.
I feel like I had a very good education at this school. The teachers were mostly very helpful and I was fortunate to have a variety of classes offered to me. However, I felt like Masco does not host enough to allow for true class bonding. I feel like the students were very divided throughout all of high school.
Masconomet offers a variety of clubs and ways to get involved. They have a large number of electives in all areas of study. While I am not interested in pursuing art, the art department is exceptional. I have taken a class in the art department for all four years.
academics were top notch-sports were also top level-upgrades to fields are needed for outdoor sports-teachers are very well prepared and many are alumni which exemplifies how well prepared students are when they graduate
Overall Masco has an excellent academic curriculum and teachers that want to help their students succeed. Masconomet offers a variety of courses in several different levels. They make sure that there is something to interest everyone. Some of my favorite classes have included Bioethics (Honors), AP Human Geography, and Global Economy. My only complaint is that the environment is fairly competative and students are often stressed about how they are doing in comparison to others.
There are supportive teachers and staff at Masconomet Regional High School. I particularly enjoyed the wide range of classes available for all kinds of students and the advanced technology to aid with these classes. Unfortunately, there is a strong focus on sports and not enough attention on the other clubs and activities.
Great school community and lots of great teachers. The students really get behind the sports teams and student clubs. The community accepts all students and the students really enjoy being part of the Masco family.
Academics are difficult but truly prepare students for going to college or other endeavors after high school. The teachers are friendly and care about each student. I enjoyed going to Masco and looked forward to attending school each day. I have made lots of friends and hope to maintain friendships for years to come.
Masconomet Regional High School’s reputation and state ranking helped me fulfill my dream of getting accepted into Maine Maritime Academy after graduation.
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A great and inclusive school system. Amazing teachers that teach their students to work hard. Teachers are also very supportive and look out for their kids and really want them to succeed. Amazing sports and extracurricular opportunities.
It is a good education but some of the teachers are very annoying and strict. All of the students are really competitive towards each other about who is earning higher grades and most students focus less on what they are learning and more about what grades they are getting. The athletics program quality varies from sport to sport.
Masconomet Regional High School is an amazing school to attend, it trains you and teaches you not just what you need to know but oftentimes what you want to actually learn. The teachers support you and give you the help you need to succeed. The school has a great fieldhouse, an average gym, at least three baseball fields, a nice football field and many spots for lacrosse and soccer. I wish the clubs were more diverse, as most of them are sports or music with the few student-created ones for their interests. They have some great computer labs and strong computer-related classes with teachers that know what they are doing. I'm never worried about safety in the school with the officer on the scene and the safety protocols. If for some reason I wanted to go through high school again, I would do it here.
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