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My experience at Masconomet Regional High School was great. Throughout my school year at Masconomet, I was able to meet many new friends. The classes at Masco are great, especially if you are able to take new and interesting classes. Masco also has its own distinct feature which is the global diploma. The Global Education helps students become more informed on the global community and will allow them to become more involved with the global community.
I enjoyed the amount of extracurricular activities that masconomet had to offer. The sports teams were all good and all teachers were very involved in the students life.
So far, all of my history teachers have been horrible, but my science and math teachers have been phenomenal
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I liked the overall spirit of the school. People were always excited about sports games and mostly supportive of friends. I think Masconomet needs to work on lessening stress and anxiety for their students. So much is expected out of one student and so much work can become our worst enemy. I would say it will prepare you for college, but it's at the point where students are having mental breakdowns in classrooms. I think the school is very safe in regards to assault, sexual assault, and bullying.
I have attended a little over three years at Masconomet. I have had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful art program and meet many wonderful teachers in that department. The availability for after school help in any subject is four days a week. I've had the fortune to work for teachers I've adored over the years for over a semester. To say the least Masconomet has provided many opportunities and is always at the ready for it's students.
I personally had a rough start. Between moving to Massachusetts and making friends, the atmosphere of a school can make a big difference in my experience. I’ll admit, the education here is pretty good, even their music and arts program is good. However, the people here absolutely are terrible. Everyone is rude to each other, and there is a strong cliquey vibe to it. It’s probably from the fact that the community is very closely knitted together, but I know it’ll probably won’t change as much even after I graduate. I just wish for my year to go by smoothly and then I’ll set off to college. Basically, I go here for the education, not the people. Anyone who goes here should do the same.
Masconomet was a good experience for the most part but the guidance counselors offered no help and the teachers aren't the best. The sports teams were very good but the coaches were also ineffective. Overall, Masco was a fun place but needs to make some changes in order to be even better.
The environment around academics was extremely competitive and cutthroat, and generally not a supportive place to learn. However, the teachers were kind and always placed our well-being above all else, which made it a great school as far as being able to communicate with the teachers and counselors regarding any issues.
Masco prepares you for college, but could be better if there were more teachers that were more energetic about teaching. Masco offers many electives which helps when trying to figure out what you would like to take in college. Example we have a pre-med elective, forensic science, engineering, computer programming. The senior internship program is also a great way to test out other topics you may want to study in college.
I love the teachers there and how helpful they are. The guidance counselors make getting ready for college and doing anything very was and help you out so much. It's a great environment to be in.
Masconomet High school is a very prestigious school located in Boxford Ma. I enjoyed this school very much as i attended here and so did my family. With an autistic brother their special education program is fantastic and it tremendously helped out my brother and alleviated most of the stress that my parents had. I would recommend this school and this school district to anyone interested in a quality education.
Masco's education system prepared me for college beyond what I expected. However through my four years in the high school, the phrase "well it depends on what teacher you have" was one I thought was far too common. In a given course, two teachers could vary in level of difficulty, and curriculum even which I found frustrating. Socially, there is every club you could ask for, and it is really easy to be in one or more. Diversity and school culture are ranked pretty low because for diversity, many students are their own person which makes the school diverse in that sense. However race wise it is almost all white students and faculty. Culture wise grade levels are not very unified, so there is not a lot of "culture", and as far as sports, many of the coaches simply do not care. Not to mention the price it costs to play these sports.
Masconomet has excellent academics. It is also very proud of its athletics, which is ironic because Masco severely lacks school spirit. I wish it did more to acknowledge academic achievements because it does a great deal to acknowledge athletic achievements. It is a primarily white enrollment due to the population of the Tri-town being largely mid- and upper-class white residents. I wish there was more diversity in the student body, but since that is not necessarily dictated by Masco, I wish, instead, that Masco employed more POC teachers.
My time at Masconomet has been decent. There is a lot of drama and administration is not always the best at solving it. There are some amazing teachers that I will always remember; however, there are also teachers who do not care and don’t teach at all. Sports are best of the best, but not much school spirit to support them.
The school has great facilities, teachers, and academics. The teachers themselves, are interested to come to work each day, most make their classes engaging and they are always willing to assist a student who needs assistance. After school help is also offered Mon-Thurs for all teachers. Tri-town, which Masco services, is a rich, white community, so the diversity in the school is rather lacking. The high school itself is about 97% white. Many os Masco's sports teams are excellent, attending and winning state and even national championships. The school has a wide array of clubs and activities offered and there are electives made available to students with every interest. The school is very safe. There is always law enforcement on campus during school hours and emergency services are close by.
Masco has very rigorous academics and passionate teachers. However it lacks diversity and there is a large gap between college prep and honors classes. From my experience the standard cp classes are very easy while the honors classes are exceptionally harder, I notice this more so with math and science courses. There is no inbetween.
Masconomet Regional High School is much like many other High Schools. You have your drama, activities, sports, likes and dislikes. I will say this about the school. It is a safe environment and a very well organized school.

You don't realize how well this school prepares you academically until you go and visit some other schools. I considered going to a private school but when I visited two very well know schools for a class sit in session, I found that I was the one answering all of the questions correctly. These were Freshmen and I was still in 8th grade.

That is when I realized how great Masconomet was academically. I was able to get a private education, in a public forum.

I am very happy I chose to go there.
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I enjoyed my time at Masconomet Regional High School. I thought that the range of courses available to their students was very helpful.
Masconomet is one of those schools where, if you excel at academics and/or sports, it can be great. If you are special needs, it is ok. However, if you are an average student and/or athlete, you fly under the radar and they don't really care about you.
I believe Masconomet is a great school, it has a great atmosphere but does not have a lot of diversity. Academics are more highly praised than anything and that is difficult for a lot of students because academics shouldn't define a person, but Masco makes it as if it is the only defining quality. It has a lot of problems, some of the teachers don't really care what they are teaching or who they are teaching to but others are really passionate and that is how I found some of the greatest teachers out there. I do love masco but it does need some work.
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