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Mascoma Valley Regional High School Reviews

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Great school! We just got a brand new renovation that greatly improved our music and arts programs. The teachers are amazing and very helpful.
Mascoma is a good school. It has some wonderful teachers (science, music, art); the sports program is pretty good, there are a lot of different clubs. The school is a very friendly and safe place.
However, some things about the school are not great. Despite the low dropout rate, a lot of students don't really do anything.
To sum up, I would like to say that everyone can find something interesting in Mascoma. Be curious!
My experience at Mascoma Valley Regional High School is overall, pretty good. The school just updated with a $22 million renovation, improving safety issues with the bus route, facilities for all art programs, and sports fields.
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I think the school is quite safe, the nurse is always checking in on anyone who was hurt during sports, however, the issues reguarding possible drugs needs to be looked at more.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities to choose from, even if you aren't into sports. Parents, teachers, and students seem to be very committed to spreading word about these groups and running them.
The school and it's employee, parents, and students don't seem to be extraordinary in any particular ways.
Most of the teachers are both very knowledgeable and explainatory in teaching.
Although Mascoma has a low rate of socioeconomics, the services provided are great! the bullying rate is lower than average at the school, which allows kids to feel comfortable and confident. The school is undergoing a renovation, which includes new security cameras, a new lock down system, and also a new alarm system. I believe we have a safe school and the services provided allow us all to feel protected.
Coming from a small school, it is hard to get others involved with extracurriculars. Many of the students either do several extracurriculars or don't do any at all. Our school doesn't provide many continuing extracurriculars, meaning, our students and teachers are not fully committed to all of the extracurriculars. Most of the time, the club ends up extinct. The more difficult clubs include student council and executive board. They are difficult to be apart of because you must be elected by your class in order to get on. SPEAK is a very popular club within the school. SPEAK is a great club at Mascoma Valley Regional High School. It's services provide students with a supporting place to talk about how they're feeling and to connect with other students within the school. Although the administration does support these extracurriculars, I feel as if the teachers are the ones responsible for extracurriculars and clubs. Many of our teachers guide the students through the clubs and support the clubs by giving their own time and effort to make sure everyone in the club is running like it should be.
The teachers at mascoma give all they got so that the students can learn
Bullying is not tolerated here. There is a town police officer in the building, serving both the HS and the adjacent middle school as needed for support. There is no gang violence here.
I have found the teachers and staff to be engaging and invested in my children's education. There is a strong sense of community here. The school is committed to enhancing their arts programs and often host artists-in-residence. A brand new auditorium is being constructed and should be completed by the Fall of 2016. There is also a cooperative program between the school district and local farms in sourcing food for the lunchroom. We have been pleased with our decision to move into this district.
Mascoma offers a variety of clubs and organizations, some of which include: Spanish club, French club, OLE, Student Counsel, NHS, Math Team, Art Club, SPEAK, Bio Club, Destination Imagination, Life Smarts, and FBLA.

As for sports Mascoma offers: Track and Field, Cross Country Running, Softball, Baseball, Lacross, Soccor, Football, and Basketball.
We have a resource office from the Canaan Police Department who is a easy to talk to if there is a problem.
I find that I can eat a vegetarian diet everyday. I don't know what Halal is and I probably haven't seen kosher stuff.
We have a great field hockey program because we all start early in 5th grade (I think).
Most of my teachers I have had are great. But not all of them. Our parents just voted and approved to fix up our school. I think the school put up with some bad teachers because of the age of the building. It will be fun to watch what excuse they will use after its done.
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The extra curricular activities are mostly sports oriented, but there are things like drama club, etc for those of us that are not so sports focused.
Mascoma is run down, we are in the process of renovating the school which just got voted on.
I think that some students like to get involved with different activities and sports. Most of the kids at mascoma are accepting regardless of sexual orientation, diversity, or race. I have not experienced peer pressure at Mascoma, but I am sure it exists.
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