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I wish the town would vote to improve our schools sports programs. Having a 'paved' track or official score board at the fields would be great. Offering our school a football team would be amazing for students and school spirit.
Mascenic Regional High School resides in the small town of New Ipswich, NH. The annual budget is regularly quite low, so often times teachers are laid off or are forced to leave for their own sake, not allowing certain classes to run. Some of the teachers are great at their jobs, while others were simply hired because there was little or no competition. The school prides itself on making sure all students graduate, but doesn't ensure that the education being received is of good quality. There is very minimal college preparation, they guide you through setting up your naviance and common app accounts, but anything other than that you will have to learn elsewhere. The school's diversity is almost nonexistent, so any children going to this school will not be exposed to many different cultures. On the bright side of things, it is usually quite a peaceful school and it's small population make it easy to know most people in each class.
I have 64 kids in my graduating class, and we have less than 400 students in the entire high school. Due to the small community we are in, it is difficult to get kids to be motivated towards school activities or academics. Again, since we are so small, we don't always receive the same resources or opportunities as a school with 4,000 kids might. However, if you work hard and you don't fixate on the negative aspects of Mascenic, you will be able to enjoy your time here and make it worthwhile.
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Mascenic is a very small high school in rural New Hampshire. With a student body consistently less than 400, Mascenic provides a very unique learning experience. Ultimately, students decide what to make of Mascenic, and what they will take away from their experience there. Such a small population provides students with opportunities that might not be available in other districts. Leadership positions within the school tend to be less competitive, positions on varsity rosters more readily available. Those who take advantage of these opportunities will go leaps and bounds. I have taken advantage of every opportunity presented at Mascenic, and unlike those at Mascenic who do not set goals for themselves and strive to achieve, I can confidently say that my experience at Mascenic has been one of a kind, but still invaluable.
Most people seem to feel safe at this school.
The students who take part in extracurriculars are usually pretty dedicated to them.
I was not as challenged in school work as I could have been.
Most of the teachers are usually consistent in their grading and review of work.
Bullying was never a big issue at this school. If it was an issue at all, it was not prominent enough that everyone heard about it. The school is in a very small town so I think that is the main reason why there aren't big safety precautions being taken like police, metal detectors, and IDs being required to enter the building. However, I never felt unsafe in the school. The school nurse was okay. The only thing I would say about her is that she was hardly available. Most of the time she was not in her office. She was either away with other teachers or in meetings.
There aren't very many extracurricular opportunities at this school. However, students usually have the opportunity to create an after school activity on their own which is something I did. I started a creative writing club that I think still meets. But overall, there are not many activities already in place. There is a Yearbook Committee, a Drama Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Robotics, and, I believe, a Video Gaming Club. Though some of these are different and appeal to many students, I always wished there were different things to do. At that point it was more about students not being interested enough in different club ideas to actually get them up off the ground. I think now that I'm in college, I have been spoiled with so many different things to do, and therefore can no longer give an accurate description of how it felt to be in a school with not only so few clubs but so few students to participate in said clubs.
My overall experience of this school was okay. This is mostly because there was an equal amount of good experiences and not so good experiences over the years. Some of my favorite, however, were while I was in the school band class and participating in two of my favorite teacher's classes. Both of these teachers that I will be discussing have since left the school and, for that reason if I were to go back at this time, I would not return as a student. There are too many students who attend this school that are not interested at all in learning and only go to get out as soon as they can. For this reason, many of the teachers are drained and focusing what little energy they do have on trying to push the students who do not want to participate and occasionally leaving those of us who are engaged behind. I, of course, do not know if it is like this in every school but if it's not, I would say that is something that makes it unique. This obviously isn't a good trait to have but it is definitely something. My high school is also seen as a sort of stepping stool for teachers. There have been a few young teachers, just out of college, who have worked at Mascenic, or in the district in general, as a first job. After a couple of years, they tend to move on to better schools. Therefore, there is quite a high turnover in the faculty department. All of that being said, I did make a lot of good memories there and made a lot of connections that have helped me along the way. A favorite experience of mine was when I was in a psychology class during my Junior year and then a sociology class during my Senior year, both with one of my favorite teachers. She was very calming and wanted to get to know each of her students so we could have in depth discussions about controversial topics. Those classes, along with the Anatomy and Physiology class I took during my Junior year, made me even more sure of my decision to go to school to become a doctor.
I only say the teachers in this school are okay because there are some that are horrible but that is balanced out by a few phenomenal individuals. Sadly, most of these people have since left the district to find better jobs. The very few that are left (perhaps one or two) however are exceptional. They have strong relationships with their students, listen to what they have to say, and grade pretty fairly. Each of them has a different teaching style but I found that each style was engaging and helped me learn the material. Additionally, they were all extremely knowledgeable, not only in just their area of study, but in general.
The classes are not challenging and there's not enough emphasis on core classes.
Not much bullying but disrespectful behavior is prevalent.
The teacher turnover and teachers without teaching certificates is of concern.
Most of the students in the school group up into their own social circles and are very dependent on their religion or family connections. They also like to base their groups off of money income and positions in the town.
Most of the classes at the school are reasonably taught though it depends more on the teacher and your personal learning ability to decide if you will fit well into that class. The grading system is also dependent on the teacher and their individual system. There has been a frequent loss of teachers due to better job offers or their inability to meet the standards, this results in students having a hard time learning the material.
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The extracurricular classes in this school have a nice range of variety and allow students to engage in their passions (whether it's music, art, electronics, ect.) The can experience new types of activities and learn new things. Not all the classes are adequately funded and may not be given the correct amount of respect. Overall though, they are fun to take and allow students to explore their realm of possibilities and expand their skills.
Most of the teachers in the school try to help any struggling student but there are a few that are solely focus on only teaching the material. Most teachers allow you to email them if you have issues with their class. There are a few teachers that could be a bit more considerate of their students learning abilities.
Bullying is not tolerated. Fights happen maybe three times a year. Lock down and fire drills are held frequently to prepare students in case of an emergency. Many efforts are made into making the school safe and having a backup plan if an unsafe situation were to arise.
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