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Maryville High school is great! They promote academic excellence, which I appreciate. I only wish they would allow a little more independence.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Maryville High School. I loved going to football games and cheering on our team. I would like to see teachers be more personable and show that they actually care.
Maryville High School helps to prepare its students to the best of its abilities. However, some things in the school, such as the administration and food, lack luster compared to other things, such as sports and academics.
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They have amazing academics, and really help student get ready for college. Many people only think about is a school sports oriented or academic oriented, Maryville is a very good balance of both.
I liked all the academic opportunities that they have available to all the students. I also like that the teachers try to get the students to be involved in the class discussions instead of taking notes in class the whole time. The football team is really good, but they take money and attention away from other programs at the school
I transferred to MHS at the start of my junior year. Coming from a school with only 400 students to a school with 1,500 student I was very scared. My first day the students were all welcoming and wanting to reach out and help me. I was introduced to many different people and they all accepted me. The teachers were all very welcoming and helped me when I looked lost and made me feel at home. To any new student who is thinking about attending MHS I would suggest it to them because of the surroundings and the people. Everyone at the school makes you feel at home and its very comforting. The thing I would like to see a change in is the parking situation. There isn't enough parking spots for all the students. Therefor, students have to park on the streets and to me that can be dangerous. I had to park on the street my junior year and everyday I would dread having to walk in and cross the street because of people speeding by.
I loved how it was never cliquey like is portrayed in movies, all the teachers are there to help you and will do whatever it takes to make sure you will succeed in your future endeavors.
Will prepare students for college very well. However, the student body overall is ironically pretentious.
Taking upper level classes was definitely difficult, but it is the best for college prep. Lower level classes are not always the same. Teachers are hit or miss, but usually they are fun and teach well. There is a small clique problem. There is also a somewhat universal hatred of administration in the student body, but they aren't that bad.
Very academic driven schoolthat also has a love for football. Faculty members are very kind and flexible.
It's super academically focused with tons of AP opportunity. I feel challenged year to year and I will definitely be prepared for college level classes.
As a student who has grown up through Maryville City Schools and Maryville High School, I would say with confidence that Maryville High School overall is a very good school to attend. I have always been helped by teachers, guidance counselors, parent volunteers, and any other faculty member when I ask. There is enthusiasm about sports, fine arts, academics, etc from everyone. I believe that the administration truly cares about their students, and care about supporting all groups and types of students.
Maryville High School has most definitely prepared me for college. They push very hard with academics and want their students to take lots of upper level classes. However, I think they push a little too hard sometimes and as a result, students are often very stressed out because of the workload. Personally, I've felt a great deal of stress from AP classes and the amount of homework. I've had to back off from taking as many AP classes as I probably could just because I wouldn't have had nearly enough time in a single day to complete all the work necessary. There's also not a whole lot of diversity, and there's some cliques as far as popular versus non-popular people. I've made some good friends here, though, and I'm grateful that I've made it all the way through high school.
I loved the community and staff envolvement in the kids lives and the community. The staff members really show an interest and they help prepare you for the adult word the best they can.
I think that Maryville High School is great for preparing their students for their future responsibilities both at various colleges and in the work force. The administration does a fantastic job with helping students with any concerns, and most teachers on staff are incredible at engaging with the students. The sports are also a huge attraction for the student body. The student body at Maryville has always been the kind that strive to be the best they can be, and that is in no small art due to the faculty. Maryville High school has always been the kind of school that has balanced both the need for continuous academic improvement and the need for students to be prepared for real life experiences.
This school really prepares you for college. They challenge you, but also care abut your education and safety. I have multiple teachers that care about me and that I feel comfortable talking to.
The teachers are great. I would not change much. They really care about the students and it's easy to get help when you need it.
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While the school was great for motivating students to pursue AP and higher education courses, the administration and sport staff is extremely biased, making social life very difficult for many students.
I liked how involved the students are with all the activities provided. Whether it's athletics, academic clubs, or just free time.
This is a fantastic school. They really prepared me for college, and gave me opportunities to take college classes while still in high school.
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