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Maryville High School Reviews

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Maryville High School is a small town school. The teachers are very educated and know what they are doing. MHS offers dual credit classes which can be taken as college credits, which is extremely helpful to save money on future classes. There is also a technical school connected to the high school, which provides students with more options with specialized classes like nursing, welding, agriculture, and collision repair. Overall, Maryville High School and the district as a whole has helped me in my successful college career this far.
Maryville High School has multiple different programs to help the students decide what field they want to go into for their career. It gives them choices of science, engineering, fine arts, and history to go further into studies with. The students are given an opportunity to get college credit for the higher education classes.
I liked that the teachers were able to be close with their students. I hope to see that the education quality gets better for incoming new teachers.
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Maryville has some good teachers and is constantly improving its staff. However, it puts very little emphasis on the arts and channels nearly all its funds into football. Academics are not emphasized, and teachers are not held accountable. Maryville is not a good school for intelligent students who are interested in academics and want to thrive, especially in the arts, including English and history.
Maryville High School is an overall wonderful experience. Just recently, a new performing arts center was built. It holds about six hundred people, and the school will utilize it for school plays and assemblies. This facility meets the needs for the students who enjoy the arts, as MHS is looked at as a football-loving school. The teachers all genuinely care about their students, as they go out of their way to help students get a great education. The counselors are equipped with information for seniors and even juniors looking for post-secondary opportunities. Maryville High School earns four stars in my eyes, because nobody can be perfect but MHS comes pretty close.
Everyone in Maryville loves attending activities from the high school. The community is very supportive!!
Love this school. Maryville is a great place to live and raise children. Maryville School District challenges children and has an excellent staff. The community of Maryville is very accepting, and it is easy to fall in love with living in the Ville!
This school is very safe we have security cameras the door is always locked, you have to buzz in. We also have a cop stationed here at all times.
There is a club for everyone here, and if there isn't one for you you can go make your own. This allows everyone to be involved no matter what you like to do.
I would come back here again if I had the chance. I had good experiences in every sport I played and made great friends in all of those sports. The teachers are nice and the day went by fast.
All of the teachers are easy to get along with and are always willing to help if you make the effort. Some lessons are not very enticing but they can't all be.
There is not much variety and there is no advertising of what's available.
Some teachers care and others don't.
Kids are still bullied. Kids still do drugs.
Sometimes I feel I am not learning anything. I get bored easily. I need more explanations.
It is an extremely safe place, I never feel like I am in danger.
There are always sports to participate in, different clubs and organizations as well!
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It is friendly and a fun environment. The only downfall is the school is a little "cliquish" however, it is a fun place to have to be at!
The teachers are always positive and more than willing to help. Most of the teachers want to be there and help us further our education.
I never feel unsafe at school
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