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Overall terrible experience. Bullying is tolerated and not addressed as they would have to admit they have a problem with bullying. Certain parents wield too much control over the school. Many of the kids, especially children of staff members are very entitled and get away with everything. Problems between students that occur outside of school are never resolved between parents as many of them love to run to the school and point out the shortcomings of others while not acknowledging their own problems with their kids. Christian education does not equate to practiced Christian values.
Very caring and concerned for education and overall well being. Excellent teaching staff over the years and overall trips, orchestra, groups and sports.
I am an independent study student with Maryville Christian. The support and encouragement I have received has been positive and beneficial for my high school studies. I also played two sports witht e school and enjoyed the time I spent with the other students and sports program.
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I feel like MCS is one of the best schools to gain a knowledge of Christ in each class you take. The teachers are very hands on and they want to get to know you> they will also go out of there way to help you in any way. I have been at MCS starting from Kindergarten And I am now in 12th grade. I would recommend Maryville Christian School.
Overall positive--wish music was stronger.
Small classrooms allow for individualized teaching.
I like this school because of the small classes and teachers know me.
Teachers are very caring and supportive
Parent involvement is a top priority. Many parents volunteer.
The administration is fair. The guidance counselor is very helpful and supportive.
The Admin is wishy washy and can't make decisions
Again i've been here 13 years. I love it but im ready
Its been great i've been here for 13 years
All of the programs i have participated are awesome
I would not have wanted to attend any other school. The homework was long and difficult, my parents often worked over 40 hours a week to be able to send my sister and myself there, and I am very lucky and blessed to have gotten to attend for 10 years.
This is a nondenominational Christian education, for those who are not open to this kind of faith-based teaching, probably should avoid sending their children. There are Bible classes taught every year and my favorite, apologetics.
There are numerous clubs available and sports that students can participate in regularly, from golf to equine sports to soccer and baseball, volleyball and basketball. There are others, such as cross-country and cheerleading. Orchestra and choral as well as one large school production every year. There are many activities available to students.
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Bullying is addressed promptly most of the time and can be addressed among the students and dissolved. There have been times when parents and principles have had to be involved and students have been expelled from the school for bullying. The school nurse is a volunteer/mom/registered nurse who is very caring towards the students.
Dress code is fairly casual, we are able to wear jeans with collard shirt or MCS logo t-shirts. The office staff is friendly and helpful. The guidance counselor is approachable and helpful. The principal is engaging and interactive with students.
Fan support is great for sports, mainly parents, students and grandparents. Athletic facilities is a work in progress and there is room to grow, and they have. The soccer field is amazing. Has well-cared for lawn and beautiful views.
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