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Maryvale Preparatory School Reviews

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Maryvale can be challenging but it does prepare you for college. The community is tight-knit. There are good resources available if you can pay extra for them. Security is prioritized. Diversity needs to be made more of a priority.
Maryvale has many traditions which are valued.
Girls are prepared for further education. Administration is visible throughout school and have an open door. Girls are comfortable with administration as well as teachers to approach and get extra help and support if needed.
Many sports, clubs. and activities are offered and supported. The campus itself is beautiful and well maintained. They have done a nice job keeping the castle and stable maintained in tradition while modernizing the inside to meet the needs of modern society.
Maryvale has been a great fit for me both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. I have grown and learned how I can be successful in helping others through my volunteer work. Right size school for learning as well as athletics.
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It is a good school filled with teachers who genuinely care for their students. They take time out their busy lives to make sure the students understand the material and to make sure the students are doing okay mentally/emotionally, as well.
I transferred to Maryvale as a freshman and can whole heartedly say that this school is the best thing to ever happen to me. In coming from a large public school, I was inadequately prepared for school. The teachers at Maryvale gave me a lot of tough love and have completely transformed my academic life. It’s also highly inclusive. As someone who has been in theatre all four years, I have never once experienced being judged for what I love. I have many friends who are lacrosse or basketball starts at the school but they still see every show and are genuinely excited to support us. I have always found a very supportive community and a strong sense of sisterhood. I strongly recommend an education from this wonderful school.
Maryvale has changed for the worst. I graduated in 2014. I personally loved the school, the teachers, the classes, my classmates, the rigor, the sports, pretty much everything. While the school had its issues on an administrative level in particular, I was lucky enough to miss the majority of that as big changes happened after. However, I remained friends with a number of students in years below me, and what they told me is disheartening. First, the tuition has risen an incredible amount. It feels like the school is trying to establish its prestige through how much people are willing to pay, and it is very transparent. Furthermore, the administration has gotten pretentious. One of my younger friends told me that when two of her friends planned to attend community college, Maryvale would not let them announce this at graduation or in community homerooms. The school has become more interested in churning out graduates to make themselves look good, rather than working for their students.
Most teachers overload the students with work and don’t care if they stay up very late doing copious amounts of busy work. Administration especially the high school principal and the counselor ignite the students complaints and issues. If they do listen, their responses are very rude. As administrators, they should be doing their best to help, instead of being condescending and rude. Overall, the school puts their image and money on the well-being and best interest of the students
I graduated from maryvale a few years back and I just wanna say that the education is mediocre at best, my friends who went to good public schools were way ahead of us when it came to course material and the teachers were not the best or most qualified. it came to my attention that the tuition has been raised by a few thousand since I went there and I can assure yall that the money is not worth it. If you're dead set on private school, then consider the neighboring st pauls, ndp, or any other school since they offer more bang for your buck. Literally the best part of the school was the food which is overpriced and the fact that we had a castle (which isnt going to help students in any way shape or form)
I've been out of Maryvale since 2014, but am shocked by the fact that tuition has raised up to $5,000 more than when I attended the school. Exactly what is the costs going towards is my question? The school was already overpriced due to how outdated things are at the school compared to neighbor schools such as St. Paul's and St. Paul's School for Girls. Most of the staff that was there when I attended is now gone. Most people in middle school end up leaving before high school. The counselor is extremely rude and will not help you in the college process at all. As for education, it is very slow paced. Many associates of mine were already three years ahead of what I was learning in my freshman year of high school. This school needs a lot of work and raising the tuition will not solve the problem.
Maryvale changed my life. It was the best high school experience I could have received. The faculty were amazing and are now the sources of some of my greatest encouragement. I was a part of theatre and softball and they were both amazing.
I would love to see Maryvale return to prioritizing its students and their needs. I feel as if our school has stepped away from our emphasis on fostering a sense of community and wellbeing in students. It has become more difficult to approach administrators about issues and feel as if you are taken seriously. There is also a problem regarding diversity and the lack thereof both in race and in socioeconomic status.
The selection process for getting into the higher level classes is a bit loose: there's often a wide range of ability in the honors classes.
like it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryvale has really helped me form meaningful connections with my peers and teachers. I have learned invaluable lessons in my seven years at this school and could not feel more ready for college!
Sending my daughter to Maryvale has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every student is seen as an individual with individual needs and the school does everything in their power to meet those needs. I couldn't be happier with the school!
Maryvale is not a place where all feel welcome. The students and parents are divided along socio-economic lines. Bullying and can be a problem. Several of the teachers are inadequate at best, verging on negligent. The over emphasis on athletics, particularly lacrosse, is shocking. There is definitely a "win at all costs" attitude. Athletes are afforded opportunities that non-athletes are not. Academics are not emphasized enough, and girls with good grades are not recognized frequently enough. Some of the brightest students left the school in order to attend other area girls' schools. The administration makes promises on which they do not deliver. Clubs rarely meet, and when they do, very little is accomplished through them. Students and parents come from privilege and do very little to make "outsiders" welcome.
Maryvale is an excellent school for young girls who are intersted in playig sports and recivieng an excellent education.
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Maryvale encourages the students to do their best and make sure they do not fall behind. The campus is beautiful, probably because there is a castle.
Not a great experience. Very cliquey, among both girls and parents. Not a very diverse community, especially economically. Students are given too much time to "have fun," and academics are not taken seriously enough. Teachers were frequently inadequate. The head of school is very condescending. Very few extra-curricular activities meet in a regular basis. Far too much emphasis placed on sports.
Variety of after school activities.
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