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I would like there to be more counselors. When I was a student there, my counselor was very helpful, but there were only 2 and if I needed to talk to one it would take a couple of days or hours of waiting.
My experience with Maryvale is very good because I got the help I needed and if I had trouble with anything teachers would help me. Also everyone can be kind sometimes but I had a good time while being in Maryvale.
My experience here has been very fun. Teachers and staff are super outgoing and willing to prepare you for your future. Overall it’s been a great experience especially because I chose the right people to hang out with.
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Maryvale High School has a bad reputation for just being a bad school in general including the people in it. When I tell people I got to Maryvale they always give me a look but honestly it was pretty good, I would’ve had the same experience at Metro tech or Carl Hayden. I like the diversity of the school we have a lot of that and we are very spirited. Something I would change is the food, I mean it’s edible but not that good.
I loved how the teachers connected with us students and really cared about our life after graduation. The school faculty maintained a safe, healthy, and interactive environment for the students to expand their horizons, whether it be for sports,clubs, or additional support for homework and classwork. The students who attend Maryvale are very cool, calm, collected, and they strive to do their best in both an academic and professional setting. This school helps young adult figure out who and what they want to be and do.
I loved how teachers cared about your education and made sure you passed all your classes. Maryvale High School was a clean campus and made sure there was no weapons allowed. Also, the events they held there were amazing and they had many clubs you would love to join. Overall, this school was amazing and the students who went there were amazing. I will certainly miss Maryvale high school.
My experience with Maryvale High School was awesome. It felt like home to me. I have a learning disability. When I started going to Maryvale High School it changed everything for me. Before I was always quiet and shy, I would get scared talking to people, I would only be comfortable in Special Ed class. When I started going to CBT Class in high school it has helped me a lot and it also helped me to be proud to have a learning disability. I liked being part of the girls basketball team. I had some fun and great moments with my team and my Coach. I liked playing for my school and traveling to other schools to to play with my teammates. I had fun playing. I liked that I went to Panthertown. It helped me learned of the oppression of racism. I loved the activities that we did and getting to know each other a little more. I liked being in CBT Class. I had fun and laughter moments with my classmates. I liked the things that our Teacher taught us. Being in the class felt like a family to me.
Teachers are incompetent and lazy, bathrooms are a mess, and drugs are common on campus ground. The students are just as incompetent as the teachers. Most performances(JROTC, guitar, ect...) Are terrible. Not the ideal highschool for those willing to learn.
teachers didnt really care if we didnt understand the material you could really not do anything and they will still pass you.
My experience in Maryvale high school changes me as person, because I was to be a timid and antisocial person. But I become more confident and sociable person to everyone and get along with teachers and others students.
I really like Maryvale even though it has a bad reputation, I think the school could be even better if the students participated in sports and more activities and used their time wisely and enjoyed their time in school.
Throughout my 4 years of high school, it's been good. I've met some good teachers that taught me a lot. I've also made friends that have been with me for those 4 years.
My experience at Maryvale High School has been really good. The teachers and counselors are really helpful and nice. They do not give up on anyone, they do whatever is necessary to help you and to graduate high school. However what needs to be improved is the advisory hour. The amount of students that ditch during that hour is not acceptable. Another thing is the restrooms all being closed because of students. Other than that Maryvale is a very welcoming school and they care about their students.
I've had a good experience at Maryvale High School. It has been a supportive environment for me and has helped me open my eyes and prepare for college. A change I would like to see on campus is that more students take their education seriously.
My four years at Maryvale High School have definitely had its ups and downs. I’ve made great relationships with the student body and staff that I will hold dear for as long as I shall live. Being apart of Student Goverment has shown my to appreciate all the work put in by everyone we often overlook. That being said, newer books are something the school needs to invest in. While the current older books do still have meat to them, new books and newer technology will put our “C” school higher up where I know it deserves to be. We as a community work hard and it’s about time that work is recognized.
High school, a new experience for many. My experience in Maryvale has been average, and I do not blame the school for my experience but myself; I never tried to be out there. I only participated in a few clubs in school and only talked to a few people, and they were not the all out there students either. I have always been shy and timid meaning it was hard for me to socialize and have a wonderful experience. My experience was just alright, not bad and not amazing. Maryvale was a good school, that's where I met my two close friends whom I'm glad to have in my life; we always help each other. If I could change one thing about Maryvale it would be it's technology. Maryvale is trying to move into an era where we do all our work online, however our internet is slow and always seems to have problems. But overall Maryvale is a good school and my experience was alright.
Within their honor courses there are students who strive to become someone in life, the school does need some changes, but not that drastic.
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I like how my counselor is very helpful with my college application and opportunities process. She lets me know about financial aid and keeps me updated on certain opportunities that I qualify for.
I like the fact that the faculty actually tries to find ways to find more college readiness programs for their students. The counselors are not always of big help but in my case she was. The food is not the best but it is edible.
So far, my experience with attending Maryvale High School has been great. The teachers are very kind and welcoming. This is my first year at this school and it was so different from what I expected. All my teachers are so helpful which makes me feel so welcomed there as a new student. The whole staff has been working really hard to make sure we graduate by making sure we are getting prepared to begin our path in real life. Maryvale has been good to me and I thank everyone for their hard work!
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