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I've had a good experience at Maryvale High School. It has been a supportive environment for me and has helped me open my eyes and prepare for college. A change I would like to see on campus is that more students take their education seriously.
My four years at Maryvale High School have definitely had its ups and downs. I’ve made great relationships with the student body and staff that I will hold dear for as long as I shall live. Being apart of Student Goverment has shown my to appreciate all the work put in by everyone we often overlook. That being said, newer books are something the school needs to invest in. While the current older books do still have meat to them, new books and newer technology will put our “C” school higher up where I know it deserves to be. We as a community work hard and it’s about time that work is recognized.
High school, a new experience for many. My experience in Maryvale has been average, and I do not blame the school for my experience but myself; I never tried to be out there. I only participated in a few clubs in school and only talked to a few people, and they were not the all out there students either. I have always been shy and timid meaning it was hard for me to socialize and have a wonderful experience. My experience was just alright, not bad and not amazing. Maryvale was a good school, that's where I met my two close friends whom I'm glad to have in my life; we always help each other. If I could change one thing about Maryvale it would be it's technology. Maryvale is trying to move into an era where we do all our work online, however our internet is slow and always seems to have problems. But overall Maryvale is a good school and my experience was alright.
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Within their honor courses there are students who strive to become someone in life, the school does need some changes, but not that drastic.
I like how my counselor is very helpful with my college application and opportunities process. She lets me know about financial aid and keeps me updated on certain opportunities that I qualify for.
I like the fact that the faculty actually tries to find ways to find more college readiness programs for their students. The counselors are not always of big help but in my case she was. The food is not the best but it is edible.
So far, my experience with attending Maryvale High School has been great. The teachers are very kind and welcoming. This is my first year at this school and it was so different from what I expected. All my teachers are so helpful which makes me feel so welcomed there as a new student. The whole staff has been working really hard to make sure we graduate by making sure we are getting prepared to begin our path in real life. Maryvale has been good to me and I thank everyone for their hard work!
My expertness in Maryvale high school was like any other school there was a lot of tethers that helped me out and I was able to make some friends.
I made many friend my first year at Maryvale. Everyone is very respectful and the staff are always there for you. I would like to see nothing change.
I would like to see more cultural diversity. I would also like to see counselors be more involved with college readiness.
My experience at Maryvale is really good. If you actually get involved and have school spirit, it's fun going there. There's a lot of people attending that school, but overall the energy is great.
This high school was a very great school for me. There were a lot of helpful teachers, resources and tutoring available for anyone that needed extra help. They had Saturday school in the mornings and after school tutoring as well for different subjects. The teachers and staff were very friendly as well. There were many different clubs to join that were fun and educational at the same time, which made me enjoy my high school years in a positive way. All the electives were also fun to take.
Maryvale High School is in the midst of a Mexican community. Our school is proud of the mexican culture and very much incorporates it through clubs and activities enjoyed by students, staff, and parents. I have enrolled in Advanced Placement courses which were very rewarding, but I believe that we can expand the subjects in order for a student to challenge themselves in a subject of interest. The football games are exciting and the students do their very best to represent the school. The countless opportunities Maryvale provides is overwhelming and important for the success of their students.
My experience at Maryvale High School was memorable. It was full of fun and exciting moments as well as academically challenging ones. All my teachers and fellow peers were amazing. Overall the atmosphere and community was great since I could always find someone to talk to for support. What I would like to see of this school in the future though is more spirit. Although the people and students are great, the school lacks confidence and spirit. We shouldn't be afraid of our school colors, rather we should embrace the potential of students and staff.
Maryvale High School offers students a friendly environment. Teachers and staff are very respectful and willing to help. Over the years it has definitely undergone many changes for the benefit of their students, families, and workers.
My experience in my high school is amazing and it still is since I have one more year. They give our great resources for us to get ahead and ready for our college life to come as young an freshman year and the courses are amazing as well as the clubs. They have an amazing guitar program from where they've won many competitions as well as a choir group .
What I like about Maryvale High School is that they have very educated teachers who will help you, especially if you are a dedicated student-or looking to be one! There are teachers who go beyond their way to help you work on your essays, allow you to use their computers if you have online work, help you prepare for college admissions tests, help you achieve the grades you desire, and even help you apply to jobs and colleges! I personally have had amazing teachers who I am beyond grateful to. They motivate me and reassure me in my educational voyages. However, maybe the school could improve its facilities(restrooms!) and update their laptops to newer versions that work more adequately. Also we should hold our pep rallies indoors because the Phoenix heat can really give you a headache. Nevertheless, my overall experience at Maryvale has been grand and I can't wait to see what senior year brings me!
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I really appreciated the teachers willing to walk the extra mile for their students. There was a time when I could only depend on my teachers, they were the ones pulling me forward to my graduation date. If it weren't for the teachers that went out of their way for me I would not have been able to graduate. There are students here that could care less about education or school, but that truly inspired me to be better than them.
I enjoyed the fact that it's always easy to make friends. People are always encouraging along with all the teachers. They both make Maryvale an amazing panther pride environment .
An amazing school full of teachers who support and care for your developement as a student. Not only do they care about your development as a student, they grade fairly and reward students for their academic achievement.
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