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I like Maryvale because it is a smaller school and you know everyone in your grade. However I really wish there were more college courses. I also think Maryvale should improve on college readiness. We need to learn how to write checks, and how to actually talk to people. Maryvale is a pretty great school with great sports and overall I like it a lot.
My overall experience was great! I enjoyed my classmates and most of the teachers. The administration could use some work, I have had nothing but bad experiences when looking for help. The atmosphere of the school around homecoming and football games is incredible. I just wish that the same enthusiasm carried out through the rest of the school year. I would like to see more of an emphasis on after school programs whether it be sports, clubs, music programs, etc.
we are like one big family. you won't feel excluded all the people here are super nice . you will make friends easily the sports and teachers are really good i only think that they should add more sports the arts departments are wonderful the events are really fun and the counselors are amazing
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Maryvale is a great school for any child. Teachers are accepting for all, they are all pretty great at their job in their own ways. Sports thrive at Maryvale and here at Maryvale there’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Being in Cheektowaga students are close knit and have been together since kindergarten in most regards. Students are all very accepting as well. Maryvale is a fantastic school for any student because it is very diverse as well.
Maryvale is a school that I have been proud to be a part of. The teachers were super friendly and we have a great administration you don’t really feel like your in your typical classroom while at Maryvale. Due to the fun activities, fun out of school events Maryvale has made the past 4 years of my schooling great. It is a very diverse school with so many nice students it was easy for anyone to make friends. I would definitely enroll my future kids to Maryvale high school.
Maryvale High School is a school where people can find themselves and be themselves without judgement. The faculty are all around amazing and always looking to help, as are the students.
Maryvale is an average school with average classes there's nothin amazing about this school. Yet besides a few great teatchers everything else is out of wack. Budget is so tight that multiple classes have to be cut. There's only one music class for the whole high school, and there is only two art teatchers that teach 5 classes. Maryvale takes more pride in getting the football team new equipment then helping the rest of the school.
i graduated from Maryvale High School. I am now a sophomore in college. I had an outstanding experience at the school. I enjoyed the sports and for 4 years participated on both the football and baseball teams. I had great coaches & made so many friends. My teachers were great and prepared me for college.
Attending Maryvale High School was such anamazing experience for me. There was always so much school spirit walking around school and many opportunities for students. Not only does Maryvale have outstanding teachers for our education but there's always activities and things to get involved in. Even going to our sport events is such a fun time. I could not picture going to any other high school because Maryvale has made me the person I am today.
I enjoyed my time here, teachers were helpful and always pushing me to do better. The sports program was good, I did well in football. I wish the track program was a little better. Most of the students were good kids
It's a smaller school so the staff will take the time and learn everyone's name and usually remember it, even if you haven't had them in a couple years. They care about your education even if sometimes they act like they don't, and if you have any questions the administration are more than happy to try and help in any way possible.
a lot of the teachers are amazing! they actually care about the students and they actually enjoy their jobs! some of the students are really accepting and friendly but there is a lot of drama. but the teachers make the school what is it!
Maryvale is a great school and I am proud to be a Flyer. The past 12 years at this school has taught me lessons that nobody or anything could have. The teachers and administrators made sure you were succeeding and doping everything to the best of your ability. Maryvale taught me to push myself to take the harder path in life.
People who go to school at Maryvale have so many opportunities which is so amazing to me. They prepare you for life after high school so incredibly well, whether you're furthering your education, going into the armed forces, etc. There is always information available/ help available for those who need it. Would highly recommend adults to put their children into the district to study there.
While attending Maryvale, I have created many memories good and bad. Along with memories, I have encountered both outstanding and not so outstanding teachers. As a student whom puts academics first I would say Maryvale is one of the best.
Maryvale has helped me aprove my education. The teachers are extremely helpful. They do not allow you to fall behind and if you are having trouble with the course the school makes sure you are getting the help you end to pass the class.
Only core subjects are offered. Only one foreign language. Music and art and sports in younger grades are all being phased out because of budget cuts. The only extra help you can get from a eacher is the last class of the day because the whole school has a studyhall.
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most everyone gets bullied in some form. Girls for the way they dress, gays for being gay, muslim for being muslim, The school dosen't care about bullying
all doors are unlocked in the morning so anyone could walk in. Not very safe
not sure, didn't participate in any
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