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Marysville STEM Early College High School Reviews

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Marysville Early College High School gets you ready for the hardships college throws at you. They build you to use your brain around stressful situations and help you work out everyday problems a kid might have. You can take college courses that transfer to almost any college.
I really enjoyed the focus they put on mastery learning. If I could I would add more space for the arts and the creatives in the class.
Very good opportunities to get college credits before graduating. The environment is excellent, staff and students are very helpful and supportive. Being unique is encouraged and MECHS is a great place to let your creativity run wild.
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This school is absolutely fantastic. I have loved my four years here with all of my heart. Teachers are amazing and genuinely care about you. College classes are given by real professors. Administration makes sure you are ready to take college level classes before you start. The atmosphere is friendly and open.
We were treated more like adults. We are given the opportunity to take courses other students aren't. It administration trusts us and we are encouraged to be creative and innovative. Right now I wouldn't change anything.
The STEM has Information Technology, Medical, Engineering and Design and few more Pathway programs. The teachers are very kind and giving their best support for all the students to perform a better grade all the time.
My school had given me many great opportunities and has allowed me to have the high school experience that I have always dreamed of. In our high school classes we have been taught through a grading system called mastery learning. In this system we are taught our material and then if we do not show an adequate understanding of that topic we are given another chance to learn it. The result is that the students are able to actually engage and learn the material rather than just trying to get the grade we want. My school has also allowed me to start college classes as soon as I was ready for them. Aside from academics my school has simply been fantastic in connecting me to my community and helped me create a close relationships with the people here.
Marysville Early College High School has been such a great school to begin my post secondary education. This school really pushes high schoolers to start pursuing their college goals while they are in high school. This gives them a head start into their future and prepares them for what lies ahead. The overall atmosphere of the school is incredible! It is unlike many other schools in the sense that it has a true community aspect to it. All students, from seniors to freshman, work together on school projects, talk during lunch, and help each other out all the time. Most students also have a close relationship with their teachers and go to them for help in school and their personal life. This school creates an extremely safe environment for students in high school.
There's a lot more opportunities at STEM in comparison with the other high school. In general, students get more freedom and more responsibility. Since college class teachers are from a community college, they don't offer the best teaching, but it's definitely worth the cost (it's free!). The few teachers that we got were great and excited to teach, but the newest teachers don't really want to be here.

Scheduling with both schools tends to be annoying as there's not much communication between the two schools.

There's two main types of people this school: people who are responsible and want to be college ready and people who heard that STEM is easier and just want to get done with school. You'll have a lot better learning environment here if you take classes that get you into the first group. The latter group is more like a normal highschool.

Sophomores get laptops and we have CNC machines, 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, a lathe machine, and a whole bunch of other equipment.
Marysville Early College High School has allowed me to further my learning beyond what I thought comprehensible. It has truely taken in the aspects that colleges have, and put it into a new environment with high school students. This allows us as a class to take multiple college courses to further our education in what we are interested in based on our pathway! Overall a great school that has affected so many in a positive way.
MECH has helped my son grow skills that colleges and businesses are looking for. Collaboration is a large skill that is taught through classroom assignments to group projects. The school atmosphere supports, encourages and celebrates each individual student. I can not say enough good things about this school as a whole.
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