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Marysville-Pilchuck Pathways of Choice High School Reviews

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The first three years of my high school experience were amazing and pretty much typical for the most part. However, my senior year kind of sucked. Nothing was up to expectation as it was in years past. That also might just be because I am over school. Marysville Pilchuck was awesome but I wouldn’t want to redo it.
I would like to see better support for all clubs and activities and as well as better representation of them.
Yea the academics were laughably poor-- definitely didn't prepare me for college, but what school in Marysville will? Football games were fun tho.
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Marysville Pilchuck High school is a very friendly place where your qualities are nourished and your allowed to explore different fields and look at different career paths. A thing I would like to see changed is our lack of leadership classes. Right now we only have one class that is reserved for the class executives.
Based on the previous comments, Pilchuck has seemed to changed a LOT over the years. People complain about the lunches, but they offer 5-6 different choices every day and REQUIRE you to take fruit or a vegetable. The school might be old and some might feel a bit unsafe with the school's past, but the student body has made up for it by striving to make everyone feel involved like a family, starting the phrase: CONNECTED. While some of the teachers could change their teaching style, there are a lot who truly care about you and your experience. All of the staff are great including that of the security guards, the library staff, and the lunch staff. All in all, the school is truly under-rated as it's been an amazing experience so far.
Teachers are rude, security was annoying, and the school itself was in bad shape. It's was dirty and falling apart.
I had an absolute blast while attending Marysville Pilchuck. The teacher taught me well, explained everything I needed, and in my time of need they were always there, along with other staff members. They still continue to go above and beyond to make sure I'm doing all right and my college experience is going as planned. They will ago down with you to talk about your future or youe current education and they'll never disappoint!
This school is awful. Run away quickly unless you are here for football or band. The only redeeming factor for this school is that some teachers do really care. But having to go to a school where a shooting happened is just heartbreaking.
The advanced classes have the best teachers who truly care. The entry level stuff is boring and annoying to slog through.
People here are not very open minded about diversity and there are definitely themes of racism.
It really depends what activity you are participating in. Football always has funding.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities for students. There is a huge variety of sports to choose from and a bunch of other clubs after school. Sports are pretty big at MP so there are a lot of athletes.
The students are very involved in school life. Football games and pep assemblies are always very spirited and fun. The student leaders try to get involved in the school's activities as much as they can. There are plenty of clubs and activities for students to get involved in so each student can feel like they have a place in the school.
The teachers here are all over the place. Some of them are amazing and do anything they can to help their students while others do the bare minimum as a teacher. Teaching styles tend to vary quite a bit too. Some of the classes are more student lead where the teachers give out work and the students do it. Some classes are more lecture based, these classes are usually the more advanced or AP classes.
The school is great just sertain things aboit it arnt
The quality of teacher are great but the knowledge there trying to give us is not helping us learn it just gets fed to us
A lot of our extra activities or after school clubs are pretty good. Art, auto shop, world language clubs all sorts and different kinds as well as get together and counseling groups if students need it.
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The parents here at MP help out their kids and other students with any school work or anything they need. I don't have a lot of communication with parents here, but with the ones I do talk to, they really do care and are involved in activities around school.
Teachers g above and beyond for me, they support me through everything and they really are the best caring teachers.
The security was always available to help you and they were genuinely concerned about your safety along with being easy to talk to
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