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Marysville MOVE UP Program Reviews

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This school offers all the courses you need in order to graduate under the school districts set standards.
This school offers everything you need to graduate with the school districts standards.
Although it does lack the typical norms of any average high school such as student interaction it is great for someone who is unable to tend to the norms. High school is a major part in everyone's life from the ages of 14-18. While it is important it is not the only thing occurring in our lives. With the virtual education program I am able to balance those other important areas of my life, ultimately allowing me to be successful.
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Through grading, chat and class mail contact with teachers is always a pleasant experience. Feedback is constantly given, along with support and guidance.
This is school is 100% online so a lot of these questions werent applicable. At move up You never meet your teachers or fellow students. You complete class and homework at your own time. (During a 45 day course) Which is great for anyone in highschool that is also working or has children or just prefers to not spend time stuck in a classroom.
I love this school and i am so glad i had the opportunity to go here instead of at a traditional school because i did not have to put anything on hold to be able to get my diploma. I could still work during the days do my classes at night and have time for my daughter as well. It took the stress out of my education and allowed me to enjoy it
I really enjoyed going to this school. In the time i was attending this school i went from homeless to very tenuous housing to homeless to new mother. i went through job after job and was going through a very long court process besides. If i hadnt been attending Marysville Move up program i never would have been able to graduate. My counselor there worked with my schedule and really did whatever she could to help me with my goals
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