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Marysville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at Marysville Junior/Senior High School. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to go to high school in a small town and at a small school. I was able to get to know both my teachers and fellow students very well while also having a high quality learning experience. One great benefit I took advantage of was taking dual credit classes through Highland Community College during high school, which greatly benefited me in the long run.
My experience at Marysville High School was good. The teachers treat you right and have rigorous coursework that helps to prepare you for the next level. I honestly felt that as an individual most teachers cared about your academic success.
People knew who you were and were pretty friendly. I enjoy doing sports all 4 years and it really helped me stay disciplined.
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Overall, I have enjoyed my time at MHS. As in any operation, there are things you like or don't like, but that's part of the game. The new bond issue passed to get the school up-to-date will be great for future graduates.
Extracurricular activities are a lot of fun in this school!
This school has an atmosphere unlike any other.
The teachers are always there when you need them.
There is not much variety. It's either sports or the big clubs like FFA.
Everyone here is like a giant family, you know everybody there.
The teachers care if the students understand the material being taught.
The teachers are very nice and are willing to help if you come to them or ask.
There are many clubs and sports to get involved in.
The school is very secure.
I preferred to take a sack lunch everyday.
I felt prepared in college from what I learned at this high school.
I'm not sure. I graduated last year and many teachers and administrators retired so I don't know what the quality of these programs are.
It is like an average high school.
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The teachers here try as hard as they can. The resources they have are not the best, but they know how to work with what they have.
It is decent food, but nothing to write home about. Some lunches are better than others.
For parents or any adults entering the building, they have to sign in at the office and get a visitors pass. This is to prevent anyone thinking of them as an intruder. There is also a no tolerance for bullying. Anyone who get s caught bullying gets at least a detention depending on how serious the issue is. The dress code is like any normal dress code to keep everyone from looking inappropriate.
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