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I liked the school and the campus. Teachers are fabulous and caring! The school needs some updating. It needs to be more student driven! The food for lunches needs a major make over1
The teachers were diligent with their students and the structure was satisfactory. The sports were very political and the coaching staff fell short for many sports, but the outlook for playing a sport in college was great. The academic success opportunities were very well catered, and the staff overall were friendly and helpful. There were some issues with a constant change in schedule and structure, but that was not of the schools control. I had great experiences with a majority of my teachers. The teachers upheld a high standard of passion for their career and professionalism. The preparation for students moving onto higher education was lacking, but it is understood that High School students cannot handle the rigor of college life and expectations at that stage. I would have appreciated more outreach for advancement opportunities, but was successful either way! The clubs were plentiful and school pride was always immaculate.
I graduated from Marysville High School in 2016. I had a fantastic experience at this school. The teachers wanted to get the best out of you as a student. They pushed students to understand material while also making it interesting to learn. I could have prepared myself more for college during high school. The facilities are well maintained and classrooms are good size. The school pride is awesome for a small town school!
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I have one more year left. From what I can tell, the staff is pretty involved with the students. excluding a few staff members who really don't care much at all. They work hard to make you as a person and as a worker excel in life and in academics.
I liked how many activities and clubs Marysville offered to students in order to give them a chance to make friends and get involved. I think teachers could change up their lessons by adding more projects and group work than just book work.
Overall, I didn't have a terrible experience. I enjoyed most of the teachers and staff members. I didn't like the lack of school spirit and involvement at MHS. When it comes to feeling ready for college, I feel like I could have been better prepared by the staff.
The reason I rate Marysville High School four is simply because the teachers have given me the opportunity to do my own research in furthering my experience in my intended major.
Stuck up kids, too many kids in one school, school building is huge and hard to get around, a lot of bullying and nothing is done about it. Only advantage is students tend to excel here and the school is known for good test scores overall.
All my teachers, counselors, and coaches were extremely helpful and personable. I formed many close relationships with my teachers, and all the faculty was determined to make sure I was able to fulfill my future plans and go to the college of my dreams.
I like that there are different classes you can take as a student however the school district is pushing students to take college courses, go to stem schools, get associates degrees while in, and decide what they want to do with their lives. And in most cases high school students aren't ready for all that. It's good to have that option but not all students can do this or succeed at this while in high school.
My overall high school experience was great! I felt that the teachers did a great job of balancing teaching and establishing personal connections with the students. At my school we also have a stem school. If I could change one thing, I would make it easier for students to take classes at both schools.
There wasn't a lot of programs there offered to students, it seemed more of a sports school than anything and teachers didnt pay much attention to you unless you were in sports.
I went to Marysville High School for about two years before transferring to Ohio High Point Career Center. I have learned a lot and grown so much throughout the years, and if it weren't for Marysville, I don't think I'd be the hard-working person I am to this day. 4/5 stars, mostly due to a bit of a bad experience with other students.
I am an alumni from the Marysville High School. I got to be involved in the schools amazing marching band and loved every minute. I was also apart of the schools partnership with Ohio High Point; taking the health tech course and also loved the experiences.
As a student at Marysville High School I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I have played volleyball at the school all four years and was coached by an excellent coaching staff and was always encouraged to become a better teammate to my peers. In addition, the academics are superior and every teacher is eager to help students get through their class. At Marysville the staff and students care about one another and together it leads the high school to success. It is not difficult to get involved at Marysville as there are over 20 clubs that any student can participate in. I serve as student council vice president and have had a wonderful experience discovering just how many students care about this school and desire to make it a better place. There is no other high school that I would have wished to attend and I know that many other students at Marysville feel the same way.
I liked that this high school has a strict discipline policy. I would like to see more teachers that are qualified. A lot of the teachers there were unqualified. For example, the AP chemistry teacher was learning the material as she taught it. I like the fact that any teacher listens and helps out their students with any issues they are having. I like the extra curriculars. I would like to see a change in the way the technology is used in the school.
I love this school. As students we have the ability to create new clubs and promote change in our school. Other then that our school isn't that unique- it's much like the typical high school.
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The teachers at marysville are passionate about what they do. The teachers love to teach, and will reach any child what they want to learn- even if it may not be a part of the class. The teachers also expect each student to do their work and to the best of their ability. They want everyone to succeed.
Many people like to keep busy so there are many options available for everyone. Friends can be made at every corner as well as real life opportunities.
Everyone knows everyone which brings us even closer as a community. Its great to know I was apart of something so great and cant wait to see what future generations accomplish.
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