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I very much enjoyed my time at Marysville High School. I enjoyed many of my teachers and most of my peers were great! Like any school, marysville has had it's fair share of issues. One issue that was very persistent was the lack of individuality that the school allows. They never permitted any signs along lockers or hallways, or even posters above the drinking fountain. Students were not able to show their creativity, compared to many other schools. The school is definitely above average, but the procedures and administration could use some help. A school isn't just where kids learn, it is where they grow up for many of their young years, and it is not fair to over-limit the amount of creativity and fun activities for the sake of education and uniformity.
Had a awesome time in high school, was a cheerleader, and participated In track n field..everyone is friendly, teachers are for most part willing to go extra mile to help..
My Experience in Marysville Schools was pleasant and the teachers helped you further your education by going the extra step to make sure you understand and enjoyed yourself while learning. I would change the communication part of the school, there is a gap of where you can bring to light about the bullying on the internet.
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I like how important the academics are and how many opportunities there are to get college credit. I think that the sports, clubs, and activities here are a wide variety and have many options.
I liked the band program and the sports. Some of the faculty can be not helpful at times. The students think that they own the school, some are very stuck up.
I would like to see less drugs in the school because almost every student in the school does some form of illegal drug.
Having been in Marysville Public schools from fourth grade on to a senior year in high school, I have had a near full experience in the system. Overall I am satisfied with the quality of education I received and the classes provided me, The teachers are mostly engaging and actually are there to make sure you learn the material, especially the AP classes. I would like to see a change in the physical education curriculum, it seems inadequate and has a low participation. Overall I would recommend these schools elementary through middle school and through high school. They provide adequate resources and provide a genuine environment that is very intuitive to education.
My experience with Marysville High School was fun and educational. My favorite class is band because, every body feels like family their. Another reason I liked band so much is because we succeed and get to compete unlike other bands. So in conclusion my experience in Marysville High School was very good.
All throughout my high school career Marysville has helped me big time to get ready for college. They have multiple advance placement courses for students to take. The teachers help make sure that the students are ready to take the test at the end of the year. They would give you tests that had questions from previous tests, which in turn would train us. But the feel of the school is great the student body is awesome we all can actually talk to each other, and there's no bullying. Plus if you need help there will always be someone to help you out. But the only downside is that they don't really let us be the kids that we are. Yes I know that education is key, but we don't do pep rallies and if we do they are only 25 minutes, while other schools take 2 hours. Even our talent show has been cut down so that it can only be 30 minutes. And again some other schools take 2 hours to show everyone's talent. That is the only thing that I really dislike about my school, is the lack of fun.
When entering Marysville High its like this whole new experience, the school is well taken care off, with the latest tech and the chrome books to the nice labs and classrooms to the well taken care bathroom and hallways. To the teachers that are dedicated to help the students and the sports, the Friday nights football game and the soccer nights and the other sports and the friends you make, to the 35 minutes of free time to do what you want and the open campus, and this well community, this school has a vibe and i want to feel like this again that's why I'm moving back here when I grow up, so then my kid good enjoy the spirit of being a viking.
Marysville High School has very high standards and great teachers. The building is brand new and they have great sports facilities, including a pool. I wish they had Middle College though.
My school is a state of the art facility offering many opportunities for all students. My experience in the state-ranked marching band has been exceptional. Our teachers are caring and very hard-working. I feel very prepared for college. As I have had an awesome experience, I can't think of anything I would change. Our community is very supportive. My school offers many sports, clubs, and activities that have kept me very busy and engaged. I feel that I have had many worthwhile opportunities.
The Sports programs are amazing. I had the best times playing with my classmates/teammates. The coaches mentored me through the football season, and I was lucky enough to go onto the next level playing college football.
I love being at Marysville High School. Although, it's not very diverse I love the small size. We are given many opportunities to join clubs, sports, etc. Many of the teachers are involved and always want you to do your best.
I liked how the teachers made you feel included and some created amazing classroom experiences. Some teachers bonded with students which helped a lot with excelling in the class. I would like to see less favoritism and cliques.
Marysville is an awesome school with students and teachers who want to succeed. The students and staff at Marysville work diligently to ensure success, and there are multiple opportunities to make one's high school experience great. With the number of clubs, sports, and organizations there is something for everyone! I have been involved in band all through high school, student government clubs, and academic organizations such as the National Honor Society. Each group and club I have been in consist of very accepting students making it easy to make friends and create relationships. The school is a very safe and accepting environment for any student to be in.
The teachers are pretty good, they listen to what you have to say they take everything into consideration, they care about you.
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Band is a great extracurricular and class, and sports are good.
If I had to do it again, Marysville is a great place with quality experiences.
Teachers at Marysville High School are approachable and always willing to help.
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