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The teachers are super cool and relatable! I'm never afraid to ask for help about my future or just my work in general. Our campus is so pretty and the custodians to a good job keeping it up!
Marysville High School is an amazing school. I always feel safe and have a good, controlled environment for learning. I would like the sports programs to be a little more monitored but the school is great overall. The teachers give good, personal attention and go at the pace that is best for the group as a whole.
Marysville High school is an okay school. I like that there are some teachers that actually care for the students and how the office ladies are super nice and sweet. Also how there are some beautiful trees, the cafeteria ladies are quite nice, and how the school's protection of the students are high. Though the things I would like to see change are some teachers' attitudes toward their students because some teachers are so condescending towards their students that the students are too afraid to ask questions to help themselves be able to learn. Also as to how few awesome teachers they have, but at least they do have some amazing ones.
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In my years as an underclassmen at Marysville, I was not very involved in activities outside of athletics. During my junior year, I began to join more clubs and volunteer my time to activities my school held; such as Pack the House, Homecoming Hallway Build, and Homecoming Float Build. Seeing what impact my friends and I made on other students inspired me to join other clubs to pass on my school spirit to them. By my senior year I joined Student Council, Link Crew, Key Club, Yearbook , and the cheer squad. I felt that when I became apart of these groups I was able to create great things with other involved student and get to know as many students as I could; I was getting the most out of my high school experience. With the help of those teachers and my friends, I decided to really push myself to be a productive member of my school and that's when I became a proud student Marysville High School.
The teachers and staff at this school care about the students and do a great job of making a great learning environment.
Here at MHS, we have a lot of great teachers that care about you and your future, as students we have a lot of school spirit and love cheering at the games. Sadly our school does a very poor job of teaching us actual real world skills.
I loved the faculty at Marysville High School. All of the teachers care about their students' success and encourage them to pursue their dreams. The principal, Gary Cena, is a great role model for all students. He shows he's not above any member of the staff at Marysville High School. He attends all of the home sporting events that he can and at lunch you can find him out at the pavilion picking up trash off of the ground. If I had to pick one thing to change about Marysville High School it would be the classes offered. Although we have a wide variety of classes I would like to see an increase in electives offered. Classes such as culinary arts, auto mechanics, and sewing would be some of my top choices to add because they help prepare students for other real life tasks other than just their career. Some students may also want to pursue things like cooking and auto mechanics as their career of choice.
Going to Marysville High School was a great experience. The students and the teachers were all wonderful people, the teachers especially. They really cared about what they were teaching and the people who they were teaching. Everyone on campus got along really well. The new science building was a plus. The food wasn't the best, but other food sources were easily available.
My experience has been good at Marysville High. The staff is friendly and the students are basically nice to each other. It is a small school so we all know each other. The administration staff keeps us in a good environment for freshman and above grades. I like the way they teach upper grades to help freshman instead of letting of letting them get trampled. We have a great sports program for such a small school. The coaches really look out for and respect the athletes. They are supportive of us and our town so they are well known in the community. The only thing I would change is that some of the teachers have been teaching here so long that they have developed what us students would call a "grumpy" attitude. But over all I have enjoyed my high school experience.
My high school experience was amazing. I have created so many memories at this school and am very happy with the outcome. The teachers care for the students, throughout the four years, having many different teachers, so many have made it known to the students that they want us to be safe and on good track for a successful future. I love the sporting events, the students support our teams and we all have a great time. We are a small, yet diverse school. It is easy for us students to ask a staff member or teacher for help, it could be personal problems or school related problems but they are always willing to help. The staff do their best to make sure we , learn, be healthy, and be respectable. Marysville High School is an amazing school and I am very proud to attend.
The school is very safe. We have random drills to make sure everyone knows how to react. We have armed police on campus sometimes but we always have security guards.
We have lots of clubs and sports at this school. All the teachers strongly encourage student to join at least one club or sport if not more. All of the coaches are very helpful and understanding.
Most of the teachers at this school do an amazing job at keeping the students interested. I have learned a lot threw lectures and activities at this school. Every teacher has their own style of teaching and each works in it's own ways. All of the teachers are well educated and have great communication skills.b
There is a variety of clubs and sports to choose from. Typically, student involvement in clubs is very low while involvement in sports is pretty high.
Teachers play a very pivotal role in the school, involved in clubs and activities outside of the classroom.
Most teachers have background knowledge in the subject they teach and seem to be invested in their student's futures.
My first 2 years at this school were not enjoyable. I was very confused about who I was and who I wanted to be. With the help.of teachers and support of my family I grew up and grew my confidence and really worked harder and through that was able to enjoy this school.
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Many teachers at this school truly and honestly care about their students. Many are involved with multiple clubs and organizations. Many teachers lead clubs or are coaches for sports teams at our school. Not all teachers are easily approachable but i find that the younger teachers have an easier time communicating with students.
We are at a time in the world where people are opening up to who they are and at this school, most people accept it but there are always others who don't. I've never been bullied for being Asian or because of my body type.
I've enjoyed most of the teachers I've had while I attended there. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. Scheduling is alright. The work load becomes more and more as you go through the years.
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