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Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts Reviews

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Attending Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts has been a fun and positive experience. This school is very open to everyone’s sexual orientations, as well as the rest of the lgbtq+ community. This school is very caring and accommodating to everyone’s needs. However, aside from the school environment, this school could improve on acknowledging other art departments. Since Marysville Charter doesn’t have any sports, this school mainly focuses on the dance and drama departments. So, the painting and drawing students are often not displayed or acknowledged.
Charter is a great place to be yourself. You feel safe no matter what. We do however need actual classrooms and an auditorium.
I love this school. I would not want to graduate from any other. I love the students and the overall environment of the school. However I wish that the teachers did a little better job of teaching us. And I wish that we had more funding to actually do things. Last year we lost our auditorium to the weather, so now all our performances are on the outdoor concrete stage or in the dance studio.
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This school is a wonderful place where you can express yourself freely and confidently, especially through the arts. The school offers various forms of art clubs, productions, and classes. However, the school is not greatly funded and does not have the ideal resources or facilities to endulge into the arts.
What I liked most about Charter are the teachers and how supportive they are to see their students succeed. Being in my senior year, this school is great and students from 7-12 can attend.
I would like to see the community in Marysville come together to help my school. This school is so involved in helping to entertain the local people and we no longer have our own auditorium to practice our arts in. But even without this the school has come together to make sure that we, the students, can still perform and do the things we love doing. The teachers and staff have all worked so hard to keep us practicing our art and have helped us to show it in new ways that don’t need an auditorium. As a school we’ve learned that you don’t need money or buildings to make art, all you need are artists and an audience. And that’s what MCAA is all about. Over coming obstacles and continuing to produce amazing art.
I loved my experience at MCAA! It is such a warm and open environment, and the teaching staff were amazing. I learned a lot attending there, and I was given many different opportunities to explore my artistic talents and excel academically. The one complaint I have would be that there are not quite enough staff to fill the many needs of the school. On various occasions I did the work that a fully certified teacher should have done, including teaching and producing an Intro Drama production.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MCAA - the relationship between staff and students is close and harmonious, the atmosphere is open and accepting of all races/religions/gender identities.
There is a noticeable lack of AP courses, the presence of which would greatly benefit students looking to apply to four-year universities.
I love the atmosphere and how creative everyone is! I am apart of a lot of clubs and apart of the student government. When you get involved it's a great experience. I love the teachers, they are really dedicated to helping students.
The school itself is wonderful. The teachers are great. One of the few problems is if you fall behind even a little it is almost impossible to catch. Missing a week of school would put you back around 1-2 months.
This is an absolutely amazing school. The atmosphere of the campus is very academic for my learning experience as well as it is to others. This is not your average school that you just attend to that has a couple courses and electives like FFA. This school offers a broad range of Art Centered Electives while still applying the art in main courses. these are some of the following classes. PAINT/DRAW, AP Art, Guitar,Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Theater, Graphic Arts, newspaper, Photography, and Computer Animation, Martial Arts (Kuk-Sool-Won). Although we also have a very strong College readiness Course Lineup with according AP classes. The downside to our school is that we do not have any sports. But, we do have sports at lunchtime, as well as on Fridays during the Martial Arts Classes. I've been going ever since 7th grade and now i am a senior grad This School is an absolute must to check out if you haven't. 10/10
I liked that MCAA did not have sports and focused only on the arts. The academics there are college preparatory and easy to keep up with. I hope to see the school expand and offer more art based classes.
The academics at this school are excellent. The teachers are very good at doing their job and they always try their best to help out every single student. The curriculum is challenging but easy to understand by putting in effort. We are on blocks schedule. We do four classes one day, and the other four the next day. There is a lot of homework and projects but it is manageable. There is tutoring available after school, and during lunch from teachers and, sometimes, students. Popular classes are chemistry, physics, honors English, dance, photography, and art.
This school is a very safe place. We often have practice lock-down and fire drills. Bullying is not a big thing at Marysville Charter Academy. We are a small school, but if bullying does occur we have student and adult counselors for the students to talk to. We, also, have a report bullying link on our school website. We have a security officer who is very good at making sure everyone is safe. We do not have a school nurse, but our office always has ice packs, bandages, and other useful injury things.
There are many clubs and activities to chose from at Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts. We have art club, poetry club, athletic club, thespian club, Spanish club, excel club, SWAT (Students Who Are There) team, student government, and so much more! Some clubs are active all year long, and some clubs are only active in the beginning of the year. In my opinion, the fun and most popular options are athletic club, excel club, SWAT, and student government. I am a part of all those clubs and groups. The teachers are very supportive of the extracurriculars.
The school has one unarmed security guard, who is very good. No school nurse exists, and there are practically no emergency health resources. Fire and lock down drills are common enough to be effective. The campus is very open though, so there is really no way to prevent someone from simply walking into a classroom. Bullying can be a problem for some people, as the students tend to group up into cliques. The administrative staff can be difficult to work with in these cases, and are mostly useless. Most bullying goes unreported for this reason.
Very few clubs are available, and though many try to start up clubs, the small student body simply can't support more than a handful. There are no sports at all. Beyond leadership, Excel Club, and SWAT (a student support type club), nothing really exists to pad one's resume for colleges.
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The school is extremely small, and the younger grades have a tendency for drama. In addition, it can be said that the school attracts "misfits", though most people don't have that much difficulty fitting in. Academics are generally above-average, and the school emphasizes project-based work. The arts are a strong aspect of the school, with drama, painting/drawing, band, choir, dance, creative writing, and video/photo having unique events throughout the year with many opportunities for students. It should be noted the student population is heavily slanted towards females, and it is rare if not unheard of to find religious or conservative students. That being said, there is somewhat of a lack of intellectual diversity. Overall though, the school is acceptable, and has garnered many accolades over the years. For those interested in the arts, especially the performing arts, the school has a lot to offer.
Most teachers are extremely approachable and friendly, though sometimes this is a case of too much of a good thing when students begin to lose respect for teachers, or when they act out when in the class of a teacher who is more strict. Most teachers are fairly knowledgeable, though there are a handful of poor teachers. Recently there have been a series of retirements/firings and so some classes have not had constant teachers. Most teachers (especially science and English) have very poor consistency in their grading, and many play favorites with the students. Overall, the teachers are good, with few real complaints being reasonable.
Marysville Charter Academy was my middle school and is, currently, my high school. This isn't just a place where we learn, do homework, and take tests. Marysville Charter is like a second home, and that's not just what I think but most of the students believe that too! Everyone here is accepting of others and their opinions. I've never seen a single fight at this school because of everyone's friendly personalities. We are expected to do good and all the teachers and other staff members make that possible. I love my school and I feel it is one of the best schools there is!
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