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Marysville Arts & Technology High School Reviews

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Arts and tech is not your typical high school. It has small classes, and we are like a family. We are all different , and accepted for our individuality and unique outlooks on life. Unfortunately with a small population, class elective options are limited.
Its a very accepting place for the most part. People have similar interests, but it's still diverse in the people.
I love this school. The people, teachers, and overall experience has been great. I'll miss it.
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Average school lunch food. It's not terrible, but it isn't amazing.
It's pretty much an average school when it comes to discipline.
We don't have actual sports at Arts and Tech. The P.E. program is average, but if you want to do real sports you have to do them at the other schools in Marysville.
I love the teachers at Arts and Tech. I think they are not only good teachers, but genuinely good people who want to see the students succeed.
Since it's a small school, the clubs and activities are also small. There isn't a lot of money for most clubs, but despite that they are very enjoyable and the people are very involved. Drama club is the best, and most devoted extracurricular activity at the school.
I think this was a great school I enjoyed my time there. I had many friends of all types and I got to help out with school funtions and events because I was apart of DECA. That was a nice time bonding over helping the school create the scene for a school dance. I knew everyone at least on a acquaintance basis. It was more like a community than a high school.
I think they help people get on there way of the right path by making them think about where they want to go. Since you have to choose a specific school you have to really think about the direction you want to go in. They have job opportunity events and have people from different school come and talk to the students along with having a running start program and a sno-isle program thats lets you get started on learning outside the high school.
I think things could be ran smoother and that there could be a heavier authority presence but overall all the kids a pretty good i just think that the staff could be more organized and shine through with a brighter message. They barley enforce a dress code so that is something that could improve along with stricter attendance policy's. Bullying I believe is no issue at this school they do not take it lightly and have always taken immediate action when dealing with bully's.
There's not really any issues with the diversity at this school lots of kids are involved in the school
This school has really good teachers that really care about how their students are doing in their classes. They don't give us too much homework and some teachers will even stay after school to help you understand a topic.
The food we are served they have cut down the amount of food in our lunches so much that even if you eat the entire meal it won't fill your stomach up for even an hour. The food also is pretty gross tasting and not much variety in the foods we can eat.
The only real issue my school has ever experienced was students who brought drugs to school. Though this is most likely a problem in all school settings.
Though my school may have a new building we have been overlooked for the necessary technology upgrades, needed to properly get ahead in this new age. Meany times students and staff have to use ingenuity to get meany tasks done. Such as sharing computers and using personal smart phones as learning tools.
Due to my schools size there is not much opportunity for diversity to flourish. Though I have been able to meet meany people from other countries, who attended my school in student exchange programs. It has increased mt knowledge of how other people from countries view things, that I may take for granted on a day to day basis.
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For as long as I walk this Earth I will never forget my experience at Arts and Technology. In many ways I already consider these past four years of my life, to be some of the best I will ever experience. Yes I have had my ups and downs. But there where always people there to help me. The students and the staff are what made and make my school special. And that is due to the fact we are so small. When your school only consists of one hallway and a little under four hundred people, your bound to get to know most everyone. Plus with a reputation like ours, of being the strange artsy kids, you can get some wonderful combinations of people together. If given the chance to do it all over again, I would in less then a heartbeat. Because once I leave this year. I know I will not find anywhere quite like this again.
There is a lot of oportunities at this school like being an artist or working with computers. The teachers help me out so much at this school and they know what you want to get into for a career.
I personally couldn't get anywhere without this school. Although I do miss my previous school at times (I live in Lake Stevens) but other than that it's a blast. Wether its art, tech, or spanish, your kid will get a kick out of this school.
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