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I’ve been nothing but impressed with Marymount. From the care the faculty take in the students to the diversity of programs and curriculum to the quality of the facilities, all aspects of the school are top notch. The school has strong academics but also focuses on educating the whole person... girls with strong voices with a real sense of values and purpose.
I have been at Marymount since kindergarten, but it continues to surprise and challenge me. I'm now a sophomore in the Upper School, and I couldn't enjoy it more. In all my classes, I have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in meaningful discussions with my peers. Even though classes can be stressful at times, my teachers are always willing to meet with me to sort through my confusion. I also enjoy being able to participate in a ton of different clubs that allow me to explore my interests. Finally, I most appreciate being part of such a great community. Not only do many of my closest friends go to Marymount, but our class as a whole is so supportive and lovely. I couldn't ask for a better experience!
As someone who attended Marymount from kindergarten through 12th grade, I can confidently say that I am the young woman that I am today because of the supportive, hardworking, and open-minded community at Marymount. Marymount instilled important values in me and allowed me to pursue my passions and achieve great success in my personal, academic, and professional lives alike. I would definitely recommend sending your daughters to Marymount!
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This is an amazing school! I went here for 6 years and I loved it! Applying out of Marymount was the worst decision I had ever made, and I am so happy I am going back to Marymount next year.
Marymount is a private, Catholic, all-girls, college-preparatory school on the Upper East Side of New York City. Furthermore, it is outstanding and nationally known for its excellence in Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering (STEAM), and other academics, its supportive environment that allows students to excel, its Catholic aspect with the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM), administration, teachers, volleyball (undefeated champions of the New York State championships for volleyball), challenge, college preparation, and various other aspects; when I am frequently asked what the school is that I attend (by adults in various places), I reply with stating that I am a student at Marymount, which they answer by nodding their heads, and saying that Marymount is an outstanding school and that I am so privileged to attend it.
As I arrived at Marymount this year, I was content with the challenge that was provided. While I am only in the Upper Middle School, I was frequently given challenge homework involving AP History material, and girls in the most advanced math class were often learning to the level of pre-calculus.
Marymount is great! I have been at the school since kindergarten, and I could not be happier. I have gotten to know some of my closest friends through Marymount. Not only that, but the class as a whole is such a great group. I enjoy my classes and the opportunity to have interesting academic discussions with my peers that they provide. The courses are engaging and the teachers are very helpful. I also enjoy my clubs, including the school newspaper, and sports. I am on the school rowing team, which is a great way to get to know the sport. I know my friends on other school teams also have fun playing and getting to know the upperclassmen. Overall, Marymount is an exceptional school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking at high schools!
Marymount School is my home. It is a beautiful school because of the beautiful people, the teachers and the students. It gets you ready for life, by letting you make big decisions. Each of my peers is challenged to their potential in innumerable different areas by their own classmates and teachers. I have been to many different schools in many different countries before Marymount, and although I loved all my former schools, I did not know what love really meant until I came to Marymount. Come to Marymount!
Amazing teachers and classmates! Faculty is extremely accommodating for all students and their different needs!
It's literally my second home. I've never been in a more supportive community of girls. Honestly, the food can be better, but we have so many options right outside of school!
I have been at Marymount since Kindergarten and the experience has been fantastic. I have grown enormously here and feel truly at home. My teachers are knowledgable and accessible, and my classes are engaging and enjoyable. I have been guided and supported throughout my career here, and will certainly miss the school once I graduate.
Teachers really care about your performance and are always available to meet with students outside of class. While diversity is sometimes lacking, the number of girls of color is increasing and there is a lot of education and awareness, and these efforts are often student-led in the Upper School. There are countless clubs and activities ranging from Model UN to Environmental Science to Choir. The academics are challenging if you choose to challenge yourself, but the environment isn't cutthroat because most students are competitive with themselves, so there isn't much tension between students academically.
I've been at Marymount for 11 years and I could not hate it more! The teachers are so rude to us and thank the dear LORD I'm leaving next year!
I hate this school. It's ridiculous how much they get into your own business and tell you what to do outside of school, trying to tell you that we are a "community" to the reason why they care about your personal life so much! Some of the teachers gossip about the students more than the students do about the teachers! Isn't that unheard of? Please, please do not go to this school, unless it's your only option.
Your experience at Marymount is truly what you make of it. While there is room for excellence, there are also mediocre students who simply accept the status quo. Overall, the atmosphere is not hyper-intensive which is typical of other major New York Private Schools. However, school culture is pretty limited and determined by the majority of students who tend to be privileged White girls.
I'm currently in the Marymount Upper Middle school (6-8) and it offers an average academic program that I have found boring the past years. For some classes the grades are given out based on how much the teachers like you rather than how hard you work. My grade is very cliquey, but once you get to know people they are hilarious and kind. I have only had one teacher that I really look up to and truly respect in the UMS division. I'm unimpressed with my school and am looking to apply out for high school.
You wouldn't find anything better
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You couldn't find any better
All things a student would need will be found within the building and there are multiples of everything
They safety at this school is amazing. I never have the slight thought that I am in danger. We have an amazing support system here and if someone does feel unsafe then they can talk to anyone that is around.
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