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I love the close-knit community that allows girls to form true friendships. I think our class got really close junior year after our retreat. We are very supportive of one another. Although the competition and the workload gets stressful at times, it is comforting to know that everybody is in the same boat and that you are not alone.
Marymount High School is an all girls school in the heart of Westwood Los Angeles. Although one may be deterred by the high tuition, the academics and environment of the school is priceless. The students are confident young women that learn to develop in and out of the classroom. The teachers have an unexplainable enthusiasm and love for their work that inspires all the girls. The school itself is beautiful, in a safe neighborhood, and has a great sports and academic record.
Marymount is not what everyone thinks.
The food is terrible and no one likes it, but the school is not doing anything to change it.The academics are not the best, and teachers do not help students at all.The "loving" community is not loving at all since everyone just judges each other and does not actually support each other.The school does not put good use to the extremely excessively high tuition and uses it on buying gifts and hosting parties for parents. Athletes are praised, being smart is looked down upon (by students). Only a select few of the 100 girls per class get into a good college which is the only thing that Marymount advertises. They do not inform people that this school is definitely not a college preparatory school.
The school coddles the students and doesn't allow any freedom for them. Clubs rarely meet and no one participates.
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Marymount is a wonderful place with great teachers who have a true interest in helping their students. Sage dinning is pretty good and the volleyball and soccer teams are very strong.
I loved the community and openness. It is very easy to make friends, and I connected a lot with my teachers.
In general, the school really preps you for college and the community is welcoming and the teachers are very passionate about their curriculum.
People are not very committed to clubs. The after school sports are very good.
Because it's small there are not many choices and opportunities in classes, clubs, and extracurriculars.
Teachers willing to meet with students whenever they share a free block.
It's a safe school in a safe neighborhood.
It's easy to form new clubs.
Marymount has offered me some incredible opportunities.
The math teachers are great!
Most of the teachers are great, but there is often one teacher in a subject that is dramatically worse than the others, which is unfair to the students that get the better teachers per say. A lot of the teachers are passive aggressive about meeting with students during free period or after school, or even answering emails; it really just depends what teacher you have.
The school is located on Sunset, so there is frequent traffic and crossing the street can be dangerous. The school is fenced in, but especially on the sunset side, it wouldn't be very hard to leave/ enter the school without someone seeing. Most of the girls are nice, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't any bullying present.
There are some options, but the school mainly focuses on the Maker's Space— a room with 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, etc. They aren't very open to adding any new activities to the school and many times don't consider what the students want.
I love the teachers that I've had here. They always take the time to meet with you and go over anything you don't understand. They're also there just to chat anytime and most are pretty chill. There's quite a few new teachers now though that I've never had so I can't really speak for them but the ones I have had are great.
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A security guard is always at the main gate to the parking lot. It's pretty safe.
If you do sports then it's great, especially if you're on volleyball since that's the biggest thing at Marymount. If you do anything remotely artistic then you have very little funding and support. Recently they have started installing a "maker space" for students to learn how to use 3D printers, laser cutters, etc. which is great except they're taking away the acting classes' only classroom in order to store the library's books in so that they can turn the library into a new makers space. Now the acting classes and DTASC members have nowhere to rehearse. Despite the school trying to make the the school more STEM oriented, they also tool away the FIRST robotics team.
Very secure and healthy environment.
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