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My experience has taught me so much and I have had the great opportunity to meet so many people. I have got the opportunity to get a quality education at a school that puts academics before athletics.
Maryknoll School provided me with the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually and personally. My teachers genuinely cared about my success inside and outside of the classroom. I was able to explore my interests and passions through student clubs and athletics and thought provoking courses. I was also able to make awesome friendships, many of which became some of my closest friends in life. I'm very fortunate to have been able to attend and graduate from Maryknoll.
This a great Catholic school with a rigorous curriculum to help students prepare for college with teachers and advisors to help out along the way. Administration and campus food could be better. STEM program did not come out as school initially envisioned.
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Maryknoll High School taught me the basics of Catholicism, helped me gain a relationship with God, and allowed me to find the best friendships I could ask for. On the other hand, I do wish Maryknoll had taught me the fundamentals needed in the real world that would be helpful out of college.
I've met a lot of wonderful people at Maryknoll and there are a look of amazing teachers. The one thing I'll never forget when I leave Maryknoll are the people that I've met. The teachers and the students seem to have a close knit relationship and the school's schedule change has really prepped people for college.
Maryknoll School is a good school overall with caring staff and a management team that deserves recognition. However, I believe the school could be more up to date with latest trends and be more open about messages to students.
The flex schedule definitely helps with college readiness. Most of faculty has high expectations, would like to see change in the administration, with more understanding and effort to form genuine connections
Maryknoll is a truly remarkable place to grow, thrive, and learn. The basis of a Catholic education is wonderful, and it helps to enrich a students learning.
Maryknoll is a very small but closely knit school. Located in a small community, they have great programs and athletics. Programs such as their STEM and Aerospace are awesome and very active. Their athletic programs reach further lengths every year.
Worst educators, principals, administration we have ever experienced. The is the most racist, hateful environment in Hawaii. Your student is not safe here and will be short changed educationally. Public school is better
I love how challenging the academics are. It's a college based school that has helped many seniors get into college with ease.
What I liked about Maryknoll High School is they are a very family oriented community and the faculty and students all care for one another. What I mostly enjoyed about this school is how they reached out to the community by doing acts of kindness. I really got a new perspective of life from indulging myself in numerous hours of community service. One thing that I would like to see Maryknoll improve on is finding stable teachers for the students to get familiar with.
Maryknoll school is very good for students who prefer small communities. The amount of students in each class is small allowing for more student and teacher interaction. The school cares much about their students and their futures.
Its a small school environment where the teachers really seem to care about you and where you can easily create lasting relationships with the faculty and staff.
I used to go to this shcool and I can tell you for sure it is terrible. For one, the teachers are the worst I have ever had. From my 4 years at the high school I can tell you i have learnt almost nothing and I needed to do so much work on my own and get outside help to pass with a good grade. The teachers show favouritism and some are just plain rude. If you are a tecahers child, you can get away with anything. There is extreme division between clicks and many of the students are unfriendly. The food is bad and the school doesnt even have a cafeteria. I would NOT recomend this school to anyone if they would like a decent high school life.
I like that there are small classes, and the teachers are really helpful especially when you get into AP courses.
I do like how hands on the teachers are. However, there are two many school-wide functions that occur during school hours. This cuts classes short and as a result, teachers are not able to complete their full lesson plans. This can set a whole class behind which is bad for all of the students, but especially for the high schoolers.
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Maryknoll is a private Catholic school to attend on Oahu. In my own personal experience, this school has on average a good education system to be found on the island. However, there are certain changes done by administration and student life that has made attending Maryknoll dull to many.
Maryknoll is a loving community that is built for any student to thrive in. It has a strong academic structure as well as Campus Ministry that continues to build the community aspect. Even after graduation the connection between mentor and student remains strong. What I mean by that is the teachers care about the student beyond what is expected. Every teacher expressed different teaching environment which was good for teaching a student to adapt in different situations. Athletics is strong and continues to grow with many of our alumni having success in that field. We recently was blessed that an alumni was deemed as a monsignor in our Catholic faith as well. Maryknoll is great overall and I as an Alumni continue to stay connected to that community.
Best high school to go to. It's a bit expensive, but it's well worth your money. They have many programs offered to students that can get them on the path to their future. Mary Knoll is extending the school to bring more students local or foreign to get the right kind of education. They are persistent in making sure each student graduates on time.