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Mary Walker has great school spirit and involves all students with sports, clubs and tutoring. At Mary Walker, most classes use the Summit Learning program which is a very helpful and prepares students for college level classes. I have learned a lot from Summit and helpful teachers at Mary Walker. Something I would hope changes is that we can get more help for the students that are trying their best and struggling.
I went to mary walker since kindergarten and absolutely loved the school. I just wish some teachers and coaches would treat the students equally and not pick such favorites.
Most of the teachers truly care about each student and the students' success. It is a very friendly environment. Too bad in such a small school we still have cliques and minor bullying.
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not much commitment to clubs. The ones who are committed have a great experience, though.
It's a small school so everyone knows each other, which is both a blessing and a curse. Although it makes for great teacher-student relationships, I would rather go to a school with more class options. We do not have nearly as many classes to choose from as a school like Mead.
Half of the teachers go above and beyond and truly care about the students. Half of them seem to just want summer as bad as the kids. It's sad because you can't get away from a mean teacher or one that doesn't seem to care if they teach a core class.
During high school I mainly attended Cheerleading in Football because it was something I looked forward to attending every day. Although this school is low income the staff still tries to make the best out of every day and comforts every student that needs help. The food isn't the best, but it's great for being free for every students, so I'm happy we have that option. Every teacher attempts to have as much one on one time with any student that asks for it. The bad thing is that the school is relatively small so students and teachers alike, everyone knows everyone else's business so it's not very private, but it encourages people to have a cleaner reputation.
Students are very involved on the sports aspect though the teams don't usually do very well. There are always the same fans and students at every game and tournament. The fitness programs aren't very well put together and they don't really help the athletes improve on their skills.
It seems that the faculty and administration really focus their attention on a few things and let other problems slide. One of the most prominent problems that the faculty cracks down on is dress code.
There are a lot of instructors that do the very least that they can and they let students do things that are not related to their classes. A lot of the instructors let the students run wild. Some of the instructors are very dedicated to their teaching and are passionate about what they are teaching.
The social side of the school is fine, other than there isn't much diversity so some people are very closed minded about things, including some faculty. But I feel that the educational side of the school is pretty disappointing and the faculty doesn't push students to do better or challenge themselves.
There are a lot of different opportunities for clubs and organizations at the school. The only problem is that the majority of the students are part of low income or families that live in poverty and there is usually no way for these students to participate in the clubs and extracurricular activities because they cost money and gas to take part in. There are all the regular sports that every high school has and then there are clubs like FFA, FCCLA and Rotary.
The school doesn't have very many instances of bullying that I was aware of when I attended. There isn't much security around the school but I have never experienced a time when we needed any type of metal detector, security guard or anything like that. Though the school is covered in security cameras. There isn't a school nurse in the high school and I am not sure if there is one in the grade school either. I think the school is overall pretty safe.
our school is nice we have fairly new buildings one thing id change if I could would be our school gymnasium it is old and smells horrid but other than that we are up to date on technology and we have guidance counselors and we have an infinite amount of college prep resources.
we have no peer pressure, everyone is accepted and we area small school so we are not really ethnical or racially diverse but when we do have some students that are we take them in and treat them just like our own and the same as the rest.
I look at my high school being a pretty safe school we have non bullying and I know if we did our school would take care of it making highschool more enjoyable and peaceful for the kids. I feel as if my school does not use drugs we have drugs dogs and a lot of drug preventions.i believe my school is extremely safe.
Principal is very helpful along with the other staff and councilors, there is no bullying if so our school would deal with it very nicely, the dress code is good but sometimes I seem to think it is to strict.
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We have tons of extracurricular opportuntites at our school including FFA, FCCLA, Interact, and many others.
The teachers at our school are great! the overall quality of our teachers is great as well they have some cool and different teaching styles as long as all the knowledge they have seems to amaze me they are full of information and are very interested in what the students want to learn and accomplish before they leave for the real world.
The food at our school is okay I mean how good can the food be. We have many different options of school food and all pretty healthy we have a soup and salad bar plus whatever the cooks make that day our food is okay.
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