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We have no sports. Until last semester, there was no yearbook. I created the first one the school has ever had myself. We didn't have many student-involvement opportunities outside of the Recycling Club, which I've loved since my first day, and Relay for Life. We hold a fund raiser and go out to a different high school when the time comes to walk for the good cause. We've experimented with things like chess club and debate team, but so many students rely on the bus as their only transportation to and from school that these clubs tend to quickly fall apart. Recently, we began a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Project in which we will be building, flying, racing, and repairing remote control quad-copters.
Most people at Mosley are accepting of new students. With our small student body of only about 80 kids, most everyone is willing and wanting to make friends. There's a pretty normal amount of racial diversity, and a pretty average social divide among races. A lot of people are friends with people of all races, but there's always going to be a few grouchy teens per handful of high school students. I don't think people have to face many challenges here. This school is supposed to help kids strive through whatever challenges they're facing, and I think it does a pretty good job overall.
I have no complaints about the school policies at Mosley. I wish we had funding to build a gymnasium, buy science lab equipment and lockers like most regular schools have, but I understand that we really just don't. I appreciate the morals we're taught by the uniforms we have to wear and the assemblies we attend every morning for announcements and to recite the pledge of allegiance and our own Mosley Creed. Our school is about reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, and being motivated enough to work towards it. I also really appreciate that most classes keep a strict 15-1 student/teacher ratio. The teachers are very good at their jobs and don't put up with any crap from high school kids. Every staff member, including the teachers, does a good job at motivating students to graduate. That school can make a person want to become a better person; or, at least it has done so in my favor.
The athletic facilities are lacking, but it is not surprising based upon the type of school that Mosley is. I do know that Dr. Oates would love to expand, and I think it'd be a wonderful idea. The fifteen to one student/teacher ratio that is kept in most classes has been very helpful to me as a high school student. I feel as though teachers that work there are more dedicated to their jobs and actually care about their students graduating. Last year was the first of four years that Mosley ever had a Physical Education Teacher. His name is Mr. Sidbury, and I can personally say that I enjoyed his class. I felt more confident participating in the smaller class size. However, as far as the "athletics and fitness opportunities" go, Mosley comes up pretty short. We have no sports teams, but once a year the school walks for Relay For Life. We don't have the best gym equipment either, although that's probably a matter of funding.
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Mosley is an online based school, but we have teachers in every classroom that are trained for specific core subjects. In some cases, they will teach the class themselves rather than have the students use the online course. Regardless, they're always there to help out students with whatever coursework they may need help with. Students are able to sign up for an array of AP, honors, and elective classes through NCVPS.
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