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The teachers and administration genuinely care about the students and they want them to succeed! The students and the staff give their all to make sure that MP is a great school! I am and always will be proud to be a MP Bulldog!
Mary Persons is large enough to get around and it has a caring vibe. It cares a lot about the fine arts and all things about school in general.
I love the teachers there. Nothing motivates me more than seeing a teacher that genuinely cares about your education. I feel like the teachers care about my success in their class and my future. I love the clubs that we offer. I honestly feel like their is something for everybody. We are a football school, and I absolutely love cheering at Mary Persons. I enjoy being a part of FBLA, Beta, Student Council, Spanish Club, and Spanish Honor's Society. The only thing that I would want to see change would be is more overall support for other sports other than football. I would like to see more people supporting volleyball, softball, and even basketball.
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I love going there. It's in a small town so everyone knows everyone, which can be a pain to some, but it's more home-y to me. The staff genuinely care for the students and want them to succeed, but there is always one bad apple in a bunch. If your child gets one of those don't worry, they will still be successful, they might just have to work a little harder along the way.
Mary Persons High School is a high school I will forever be honored to have attended. Committed to excellence and helping student achieve their goals, MP has helped me reach my potential and has encouraged me to never let anything hold me back. Located in a small town, this tight-knit community always comes together in times of need, and for most, that has been the need to educate and encourage the young people of this community, like me, to learn and do big things. The staff at Mary Persons are highly trained, well educated individuals who strive to see us students succeed and that's part of the reason I think MP is one of the greatest high schools out around.
My experience at Mary Persons is something I will never forget. I'm blessed for the many obstacles I encountered throughout my previous high school career, that has now gravitated me to the next chapter of college. With the many of options of clubs and sports I continuously stayed busy and spent time with friends.
Overall, I am greatful for the opportunity I had in attending this school. Its not perfect but it does well in trying to help shaped students for college and life.
I would like to see Mary Perons more dedicated to updating their existing buildings rather than focusing on building new ones that have no purpose
I like how a lot of the teachers will work with you if they see you are making an attempt to do your school work. I would like to see the lunches change a little more next year, so that once a month we could try a different meal and vote on whether to keep it or not.
The teachers at Mary Persons are mostly great. They are very knowledgeable and they care about their students. The class variety is pretty good too.
I love my school because we treat each other like one big family; especially when it comes time for sports season.
Mary Persons is a great school, it has great faculty and great academics. I really feel like this school will prepare anyone for college. The sports here are great too so this school is for everybody. The food is average in my opinion but I can’t argue too much about it.
This was a great experience for me. It really taught me a ton of very life lessons and educational lessons. Their teaching has gotten me ready for college and i am truly grateful for it.
Mary Persons is an excellent school. The school spirit here is more enthusiastic than at most other schools in the area, and you can tell the teachers really care about their students.
Great high school, clean environment. Teachers always strived for their students to know and master the material
Some of the factors that contribute to my love for Mary Persons is the respect everyone has for one another, the drive for academic accomplishment, and the overall high school spirit! While here, I have never once been told that I cannot do something; furthermore, I have always been encouraged to overachieve even when the task seemed daunting. A nice improvement to the school would be to evaluate the teachers more often. Although the school as a whole is great, certain teachers veer off topic quite often, and grades may suffer because of it.
Mary Person tries very hard to please students and host student activities throughout the year which I found very helpful. They always rewarded good behavior and tried to make the school a better place. The staff was very friendly and most of the teachers were extremely helpful and did their job the right way.
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Mary Persons was an amazing school that held many opportunities. The teachers are all great and the administration are really helpful and friendly. They want you to succeed as much as you want yourself to. We have amazing sports team, most of the Varsity sports team have a good run at the state championship from soccer to football to even tennis and basketball.
I took the higher level courses while at Mary Persons and for the most part enjoyed my teachers and professors while at dual enrollment. I wish amongst basic classes there was more excitement and freedom for the teachers to engage the students.
I enjoy being apart of the school system because it has enough activities for the kids. The academics are great and there are enough extra curricular activities for students to join. The sports programs are great and good for the students.
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