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Mary M. Knight High School Reviews

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I say okay for many reasons. One reason is that because of location and the fact we are a small school we are not able to keep some of the best teachers that have come to us. Another reason this school is challenging is you have to make your own oppurtunities if you want to go somewhere or do something different. It doesn't offer as many classes as bigger schools but the awesome thing to counter that is there are no clicks everyone does everything there are no girl or boy dominated classes or sports everyone is often involved in everything.
there's nothing wrong but nothing is great. the school needs updated as a whole and students are in need of updated electronics.
the cooking room is always dirty, never mopped. needs updated appliances. the food is poor, there's no selection, and students don't get enough food ever.
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there isn't much safety policies at this school. Students practically run around wild around here, they throw stuff at students and staff. staff wrestle with students, and students throw food often.
the teachers aren't properly taught how to teach students, they don't help out students when asked and can't properly explain things in a different way than the first.
the kids are rude, if you weren't born and raised out here you don't fit in at all and never can.
theres plenty of sports to play, but there should be more sports to do.
there is no room to advance within this school
everyone is involved and its great!!!
teachers don't really care about the students
Kids at my school pressure kids to do things that they don't want to do. They pressure kids to do drugs. One of my " friends " stole my personal belongings and told me I could not have it back until I smoked weed with him. I went to the principles office and the friend lied and got his way. The principle is obsessed with the kids that do sports and they never get in trouble.
The teachers at my school choose favorites and if the teacher don't like you they give you a bad grade. The teachers act like children and not adults. Not to mention our principle and teachers allow kids to have guns and knifed on campus. Which I belive is not safe. One of our male teachers is being charged with sexual harassment charges. Our school is horrible.and I believe we need new teachers and principle.
Teachers are very judge mental. And chooose favorites.
this school is very poor.
students can wear shirts that show bras and to much skin. this school is crazy!
the lunch ladies dont wear hair nets, its quite nasty. kids find hair in there food all the time. i usually eat lunch because i cant aford to bring a luch. the food has no flavor and is quite nasty.
i just transfered out of my physical education class because my P.E. teacher is very sexist and very judgemental. i know take an independent P.E. class were i do physical education on my own. we have weights class, team sports, and P.E. we just got a new volleyball coach and she has no idea what she is doing and is very untrustful of us girls, she doubts us in a game when we are behind.
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With my personal opion i do not like my school. my school allows violence and kids to cary pocket knifes around campus. i dont feel safe at all and the teachers are just as bad as the students.
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