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It is disgusting in the bathrooms and people (students) right on the walls with SHARPIE. The teachers are the best they can be. Not all the students are like this but most of them.
A mi hija me la mandaron a otra escuela y a otro pograma sin yo estar de acuerdo, hasta la fecha sigo esperando la respuesta del senor Perez que siempre que vengo a su oficina esta ocupado. Mi hija no esta aprendiendo nada en el otro programa !!!!!!
Mary Lyon School turned me into the person I am today. I attended this school 4th-8th grade, and received more or less a good education. This school catered me with an advanced curriculum in middle school. Due to the fact that I was able to take Algebra as an 8th grader, this benefitted me well in high school, when as a freshman I was able to take H Geometry. My favorite teacher in the building is Mrs. Falkowska. Due to her teaching, I am one of the best writer's in my Sophomore class. I am honored to have been taught by such a brilliant mind. My journey in this school was fun and joyful, and helped be the intelligent individual I am today.
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It's easy to say that most, if not all, of the students here feel safe and comfortable going to school due to the abundance of security measures.
There is an abundance of after school activities, and I think this really enriches the school environment for the students there. There is a club or after school activity that can fit almost any interest.
This school, among many other things, really encouraged the values of the community and it's members. The fact that it was a neighborhood school made it possible for everyone there to grow and learn together and the teachers made an honest effort to help those who needed it.
Mary Lyon Elementary was the school I attended from kindergarten through 8th grade and I genuinely feel that it prepared me for the higher level of learning I later received at my high school, Lane Tech.
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