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As an alum, I am extremely grateful of the education I received at this school. I was challenged every single day, while still having thoughtful and caring teachers that could help me if I needed such help. I have gone on to enroll in a competitive university, and I fully credit MICDS for preparing me so well. I would not have had an easy transition into college academics were it not for the fantastic education i received at this school.
MICDS has beautiful facilities with 3 buildings dedicated to the upper school alone. On campus are an abundance of resources ranging from guidance counselors, to tutors, to fully-equipped science classrooms. Like most highschools, there isn't much choice in your academic journey as an under-classman, but once you transition into being an upper-classman, you can begin to refine your education with a variety of electives. Teachers are always available to help you and are almost always happy to do so.
Its an excellent school with all of the resources that I could possibly need in order to be successful.
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MICDS is an overall amazing school. MICDS encourages student involvement in their wacky traditions like the annual Turkey Train and the always fun Activities Festival. The school spirit is amazing, especially during homecoming week and the big game against Burroughs. I guess MICDS could work on grade intergation and making sure that there is bonding between the grades. The faculty and Student Council have made some attempts at doing this and it seems to be going well! Overall, MICDS is a good school.
I feel very prepared for my next step: college. I also feel I have been given a lot of tools to be successful in the future.
MICDS is a wonderful community filled with caring faculty, students, administrators, staff, and parents. Beautiful facilities - no comparison in the St. Louis area.
I believe the academics prepare me well for college, and I know that in that sense the transition from high school to college will not be as hard. In terms of diversity and administration, there is always room for improvement, especially with past incidents that have taken place on campus, making certain students to feel unwelcome. MICDS is a college prep school that has a great athletics program where students can do just about any sport or even just workout to get some type of exercise. It teaches students to manage your time between school life, athletic life, and any other extra-curricular activities, which teaches us how to manage the responsibilities life may offer. Looking back, I can see now as a senior how the school has molded me into an excellent leader and advocate not only for others but for myself.
MICDS prepared me enormously for college. Not only did the excellent college counseling enable me to best prepare my portfolio, but the critical thinking skills I gained from my math, history, science, and English classes set me up for future success. Most importantly, MICDS teaches its students how to write well.
The faculty are excellent as well, being almost always willing to support students on individual and collective bases.
The administration strives to cultivate a community of upstanding members of society driven by purpose and service. This manifests itself in a variety of ways--from community service to guest speakers, and more. MICDS' commitment to seeing every student succeed not just academically, but also athletically, socially, and personally, truly sets it apart from other private schools in Saint Louis.
Wonderful facilities and faculty. The STEM building is very high-tech and nice, the new pool and sports stadium are amazing. Most faculties are very friendly and willing to help students. Administration pays a lot of attention to diversity, but the majority of kids hang out with others who are of the same ethnicity. Overall, it's a great school with rigorous academics and friendly people.
We have been at MICDS for 6 years and have found that the vast majority of both the teachers in Middle and Upper Schools have been very invested in my children. They make themselves accessible to help when it is needed. Members of school Administration are easy to talk to, accessible and very child centered. The breadth of clubs, organizations and experiences that are available to participate in at MICDS are like no other! The new STEM building, stadium, field and Aquatic Center make our high school campus facilities top of the line!
I have had a great experience at MICDS - the teachers are incredible and make my days there so great. I would love to see more emphasis on diversity and inclusion because those varying opinions brought about by so many different students really make our school great.
Great school. Challenging curriculum. I have met lots of life long friends. Being a minority student, I found a niche and was able to succeed being in the minority.
Amazing education, great teachers and lots of academic opportunities, socially hard for minorities and lower income students, there are resources for you though!
Although every teacher may not, I love how some of the teachers care about you and how well you are doing in their class. I feel that MICDS tries very hard to accompadate their students and to suit their educational needs along with others. There are so many adult figures there to support you and willing to help you.
I honestly love the teachers here, they're amazing and super helpful whenever you meet with them outside of class. As for the students here, they are extremely clicky, and not very open to new people.
Very progressive and very adaptable. If the students speak out about an issue, the school responds quickly and effectively. Exceedingly-challenging school. Beautiful facilities. Staff is very committed to the students.
The teachers will do anything to help their students; however, it is still a very challenging environment that requires good time management skills.
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Average at best- this school produces entitled brats who think they are superior to everyone else and think they can get whatever they want and get into whatever college they want. My son transferred in to MICDS his sophomore year and he was bullied and harassed and the school did nothing about it. The school swept things under the rug and never addressed our issues. There have been many racist incidents and instances of a double standard here, so if you're looking for fairness and equality in your child's education I'd suggest you look elsewhere. They talk up the curriculum but it is not that different from public school (I am a teacher).
The teachers are good, but the administration needs to take a step back and re evaluate if what they are doing is in the best interest of the students. They are obsessed with fundraising, and The school is very corrupt, as the administration picks and chooses when to Punish kids (based on donor status). The administration also promotes racist and divisive student behavior with racist clubs and groups. I am not from a donor family and an from a minority group and I was very discriminated against here. I have gotten in trouble for things that donor family kids did not get in trouble for. You can only be somebody here if you have money and connections, none of which I have. I am so glad to be done.
The teachers and education are amazing. There are a lot of clubs to join, and resources available. However, the social atmosphere can sometimes be rough if you don't fit a certain group of people.
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