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At my time at Mary Help of Christians Acadmey was overall a good experience. I loved that fact that it was an all girls school. This meant I could focus on my studies instead of trying to look good for the opposite gender. I loved the fact that we had iPads because it made learning more interactive and showed their interest in keeping the student up to date with technology. One thing I would change is the Athletic Department. Now a days people look for a school with a big athletic program and without it I believe that slowly, Mary Help will lose a lot of students.
I have worked at Mary Help of Christians Academy for several years. From the beginning I immediately noticed the authentic family atmosphere. As I walked through the halls on my first day, I was continuously greeted with warm welcoming smiles from both faculty and students. This has remained the case everyday since. The rapport between the faculty and students is one to be mentioned. They have a deep respect and appreciate for one another. This is a very, very special place.
I was informed by my daughter today that at MHC Academy, she was assigned to come to this webpage to write a positive review about the school. I was very disappointed to hear this. I am concerned about how much class time that is being wasted doing activities like these.
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As a faculty member for the last four years, I have valued the opportunity to not only be a teacher, but a complete educator. I am encouraged by administration to be invested in the success of every student, to accompany their complete growth, and to mentor their development of skills, self-confidence, and faith life. I wish I had a daughter to send here.
Absolutely amazing school if you are an extreme believer in inequality, homophobia, and strict gender roles. If you are lgbtqa+ this school may not be for you do to the singling out of lgbtqa+ students and lack of care for students needs such as not listening to what they need.
Great environment overall. The student body is very accepting. Most of the teachers care about the students, and want to see them learn/succeed. Administration willing to work with students to cater to their needs academically, however, also sometimes overlook certain problems in order to keep good image. Fosters great friendships and community values.
Academics offered at my school accommodates everyone . We have a health care connections program and a business and marketing program. Our schedules are a block schedule. We have 4 80 minute classes for 4 days a week and have clubs on thursday. The block schedule helps kids that have trouble with time management .
The health and safety policies at Mary Help are very clear. Bullying is not tolerated at all. Personal Safety, includes a guidance, however there is only one counselor and being teenage girls I think we need more. Special security measure are practiced monthly for our safety. The school nurse is very helpful and is like a second mom she's so caring and loving. The school feels very safe. Some don't even know it is a school when you pass it because of the gates you pass and because it is on a hill. Its like a mini college campus with many security cameras and constantly has an adult or teacher outside walking.
Extracurricular Activities at Mary Help brings out the true Mary Helper. Which is our school motto, beauty, truth and joy. However, sports brings out our school spirit and our competitiveness. Our school works with us because many of us take the bus home and can't do after school clubs. So, on Wednesday is a day designated for clubs and internships only where we get to work with the healthcare connections program, service hours/ projects and or have a fun day of in school clubs. Our clubs, is very diverse ranging from stem , hosa, acapella, light club, newspaper and many more. After school activities is for sports and extra help so that clubs does not conflict with 50% of the student population of athletes. If a group of kids and a teacher want to start a club, administration is very supportive with helping and is willing to help us sculpt a new club.
Being at a private all girls schools was something I was never used to when I came to Mary Help and the beginning of sophomore year. Prior going to this school I went to a public school where one could tell that teachers did not enjoy what they did anymore or they still had their contract and forced to stay. The only reason why I know this, is because they would verbally exclaim that to us as a freshman. When I came to Mary Help, I realized my teachers truly enjoyed being at my school. Most of my teachers were other professions prior to becoming teachers. However, they were so passionate about what they do they had to share and teach it to the next generation. The teachers are very diverse when teaching a new topic to accommodate every student who learns differently. When one does not understand, having a close relationship with our teachers allows for that open and easy communication with our teachers to only improve our skills and knowledge. When grading, the teachers are very persistent, and immediately will email us if we got a question wrong on a test or quiz if we understood it in class but not on the test. Its nice to know that they won't just give us a lower grade than our actual potential if we understood it in class or if worded differently we can understand the concept. Overall, the teachers at Mary Help are only trying to better their students and give their ultimate devotion to us but their teaching styles, knowledge , interest in students , communication skills and consistency in grading.
I think one of the best clubs at Mary Help while I was there was Key Club. Key Club gave students the opportunity to learn how to become good leaders.
I loved going to MHCA. What made the school so unique is the family type feeling you got while you were there. It was my home away from home. If I had a chance, I would do my high school experience all over again because not only did they teach me how important God is in our lives, but also made me find amazing, real, true friends.
The teachers that I had at Mary Help were knowledgeable. What I loved the most about the teachers is that they were open to students academically and personally. Some students in my class, who faced some personal problems, went to the teachers and told them about their problems open-heartedly. The grading was more than fair and they did a good job at reviewing for tests. I must admit when I first went to Mary Help, I wasn't exactly happy because it was an all girls' school but as time moved on, the school warmed up to me and I can now honestly say that I'm a proud alumni from Mary Help of Christians Academy.
Mary Help is a Catholic, all girl, college preparatory; already we are unique. While attending the school you would notice just how beautifully unique it is within too. We are treated fairly close to how college students would be treated. We have eighty minute periods that meet twice a week. The religious aspect is much more profound than how you would find it at any other school. If I could redo my four years at Mary Help, I would gladly do it. I know that because of my school I am a much better person, a more intellectual person, a stronger woman, and a better Catholic.
The teachers at May Help make a students day much easier to get through. They stimulise a demanding yet approachable environment. They are always there before school and after school for any student that may need extra help. Each teacher is an expert in their own field. There is not a question one cannot ask without them knowing the answer or knowing exactly where to find the answers. Each teacher also constructs the classes differently. Some might by only laptop based while others prefer a pen and notebook. Each classroom comes with a smart broad which is always used. Technology based projects are also very common. It is because of their interest towards are education that they strive to be the best prepared. The teachers at Mary Help are truly amazing.
The people are great, the school is okay.
I love my school because it's like having older sisters everywhere I go. Only here at Mary Help can a freshman walk in shy and afraid and come out with friends that are seniors who look out for them. I know girls that graduated when I was a freshman who still come back to visit me and text me to see how I'm doing. I also have friends who are freshmen now that come to me for advice and look up to me. It really is like gaining extra sisters when you go to MHCA, and they're sisters I wouldn't trade for the world.
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I would not be who I am today if it was not for this high school. They provided me with a great foundation for college and I formed friendships that will last a lifetime.
I love the environment. The teachers and faculty are caring.
The application process is very simple. Mary Help of Christians Academy is usually very accepting toward incoming students.
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