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Mary G. Montgomery High School Reviews

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I loved how involved the teachers are and how they're always willing to help with not just grades, but personally are always checking on you.
As a senior at Mary G Montgomery high school I’ve had many memorable experiences. Being involved in numerous activities and clubs has allowed me to meet new people and expand my horizons throughout high school. The teachers and staff have always been positive and motivating towards me. Academics and extracurricular activities are very present at Mary G Montgomery high school. There are clubs and organizations for all different types of people. My school has many positive things going on, however, I feel as though there needs to be better lunch, and a new coaching staff for football. With these few changes Mary G Montgomery high school, in my opinion, would be the best high school in Mobile, Alabama.
At MGM, I have discovered so much about myself. My freshman year I was not planning to stay because I wanted to attend the Alabama School for Math and Science, but MGM changed my mind. I absolutely love the band and the students in the school. It has been the greatest 4 years of my life and I will never ever take that for granted. I want to thank all the staff and students for making MGM the best possible school I could have ever attended in my entire life. MGM has set me on a path for greatness and I will make the most of it. Thank you MGM!
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I loved all the organizations and different classes available. I feel that MGM could be made better by encouraging more students to get involved in all the things they have to offer.
My first year of high school I had no interest in becoming involved. Little did I know that the school I was attending would change my life. After becoming involved in many activities such as leadership, student council, and Band. I can to see how much each teacher/administrators cared so dearly about each of us. This is not just a high school, it’s a family.
The best school In Mobile County. I am so happy to be a part of MGM, there is so much community involvement
It’s pretty good. I would say that it’s only really enjoyable for students involved in many extracurricular activities and advanced classes. (That’s where all the fun and exciting teachers usually are).
It's pretty much just your average school in Alabama. There are plenty of rotten students. The teachers of honors and advanced placement courses tend to be better than any other teachers. The courses that are available for college preparation seem to be adequate enough. Everyone says that the food is not great. The school could use updating and better technology.
The thing i liked about Mary G Montgomery was all the activities and the teachers that worked there. One thing that I would change would be to be put in classes where everyone wants to learn and be mature enough to pay attention and listen.
Mary G. Montgomery was full of diverse culture, but everyone melted together perfectly. There was a club or team for everyone, whether it be academic, sports, animal, or anime-related, it was there. The teachers and admisistrators valued every opinion that came their way and always made sure each student felt safe. The worst part about the school was the lunch and the crowded parking lots, but carpooling and bringing your own lunch basically fixes the issue. The teachers were selfless, educated, and everything a teacher should be.
My high school experience at Mary G. Montgomery High school was excellent! I was involved in numerous activities as well as on honor roll. I was on the Golf team as well as MGM's Marching Band Colorguard. I was on the SWAT Team, Students Working Against Tobacco, and was the treasurer for it. I was also on the Student Council as Secretary. I was the Visual Ensembles Uniform Captain and the Robotics Club President.
Mary G Montgomery was an incredible school. I learned many things in my four years at this school. All of my teachers were very bright and warming people, they were teachers that cared about you on a personal level and wanted to help you succeed to be the absolute best you could be. My teachers taught me patience, gratitude, understanding of the real world, and prepared me for everyday life skills. My alumni at Mary G Montgomery was like a family, we were all close and admired each others goals and accomplishments all throughout high school. Everyone lifted each other up and made everyone feel like a part of the family. I loved this school and graduating from Mary G Montgomery was one of the hardest things I had to do because I never wanted to leave. I can’t wait to one day send my children to this remarkable like changing high school. “ Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail to Montgomery high. This song we sing to thee in praise of triumphs of years gone by.”
MGM is a great school, but there are many things that can change. For one, they can hold even the non honor students to the same standard they hold the AP and honors program students.
My personal experience at MGM was a very good one overall, and I am extremely grateful for the experiences and knowledge I retained. My favorite part about MGM is definitely the teachers that work so hard and effectively to give a significant and impactful education to each and every student, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or any other personal differences. I truly feel that my education is their priority each and every day. Personally, I would like to change the way that class events are scheduled and organized. I feel that sometimes events like graduation and senior activities are poorly planned and ineffectively schedued and carried out.
I had a pleasant experience. I had some teachers that I connected with and helped me out a lot with preparing with college. I still communicate with some as well. Also, I would like for the state to be able to find more teachers who are passionate about teaching, than to have some that only show up for a paycheck.
Great school it really good love the teachers and all the staff there at the school it’s one of the best high school in mobile county
I absolutely love Mary G Montgomery. I am proud to soon call the school my alma mater. The teachers are amazing and are willing to help with anything. The only thing that I would change is the student involvement the younger students don’t get involved much.
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As a middle school student, I held most prominent expectations for Mary G. Montgomery. With my sister explaining how great the high school had treated her, I fully anticipated that the same would happen to me. Now, as a near-graduating senior, I can say my expectations have been not just met, but surpassed beyond my belief. Beginning day one at MGM, I have been met with countless opportunities to improve not just my academic success, but also my social skills. New administration at MGM blew my mind away, with our new principal being strict, but also polite and a fantastic role model. While it is usually quite upsetting for teachers to be replaced, MGM still manages to surprise me with the staff they hire; Some of these teachers have influenced my life for the better, so I give MGM a huge thumbs up for it. I leave off with some advice for MGM: Discipline, while being well enforced, should be a top priority over uniform policy, as a student's well being is more important than a uniform.
I love the atmosphere but i would like to see more cleanliness in the school. The staff is wonderful. There is a ton of school spirit and involvement in clubs and organizations. Football season is always a great time of year.
School located in a small town. It could certainly benefit from providing more diverse extracurricular programs such as swimming, equestrian clubs, etc. The teachers are great, the school itself is fairly new and in good condition. There should be more encouragement for students to participate and find programs they are interested in. The diversity in population is fairly balanced. Administration is great.
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