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Marvin Ridge Middle School Reviews

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One of the best academic public schools in the state, this school has many opportunities in academics
Not the best, but the food could be much worst. Decent food
The administration does their best to enforce policies and make sure that students follow them.
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The school offers so many resources to students, such as the media center, auditorium, and gymnasiums (notice that its plural). The guidance counselors at the school are the best available; once you get to know them more, they will continuously help you in any way they can. Just come with questions or send them an email, and they will try to meet with you that same day. As a senior, my guidance counselor made the college application process a lot easier while offering support and encouragement.
The Story of My Life at this school would be long, but I can truly say that this is the best public school in all of Union County. There are certain elements that may not be positive, but the positive outcomes outweigh the negatives. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for an academically-focused school without paying college-level tuition prices for private school. Marvin Ridge is the closest public school to a top-notch private school.
For any student who wants to get involved in athletics or join the involvement, Marvin Ridge is the school for you. The school places heavy emphasis on two things: academics and sports. The school goes all-out for sporting events, especially involving the football team and the basketball team, as well as the soccer team when they are doing good. The spirit in this school is intense, even though you won't get shunned for not showing support. I would say that the only students who may not show as much support are the IB students, but that's what IB is like. Facilities are top notch, and there is a large amount of fitness-related electives available. In my years of high school, the Marvin Ridge Athletic Department has been very good, especially the swimming, soccer, and track teams. The school usually wins the Wachovia Cup every year, signifying the performance that the sports teams put out every year.
Not every teacher is going to be helpful, responsible, or respectful, but most of the teachers at Marvin Ridge are here to help their students the best way they can.
Marvin Ridge High School offers a lot to students in many fields, but when considering the diversity of the school, it is very limited. Over 90% of the school is white, which I do not consider a problem at all, but just that I wish there was more diversity. Many of the students are kind and respectful to others, so you wont always feel left out or neglected. However, due to the Waxhaw area being very high-class and the intelligence level, many of the students do carry big egos and may leave out students or find wrong in them for not being smart. I found this to be true before I became more socially involved and less timid, but that is outside the International Baccalaureate Program. In IB, I am surrounded by extremely intelligent students and feel left out at times for not being as smart . Many times, students will accept you for who you are, but this is not guaranteed with everyone. I do feel that the lifestyle of certain students is not appropriate with my beliefs, so that is an area to be aware of. Many of the students at Marvin Ridge are respectful and kind, but not everyone.
There are plenty of opportunities for students to be involved with the school after the day has been finished, or even before the school day begins. There are over fifty clubs to choose from, and there is also a wide variety of clubs. For example, the school has three business/finance related clubs (FBLA, DECA, and FIFA) yet the focus of these clubs is very different that a student can be a member of each club and learn a different skill. Most of the clubs are run by students, along with teacher advisers, and the commitment to the club is mostly strong. Only a few clubs do not have much commitment from their student founders/leaders. At Marvin Ridge High School, there are many clubs to choose from that will fit your preferences and needs.
The school is very adamant on maintaining health and safety for all students. Their policies are repeated throughout the school year to ensure that students follow the rules set forth. All violators that are caught, in which most of them are, receive punishment, but because the school enforces these policies to an extreme extent, most students follow them.
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