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I love the community at Marvin Ridge high, you felt apart of something no matter what your interest were. The staff took pride in their students and took time to get to know them help them succeed whenever and wherever they could.
The teachers care and they give extra time to help you. It's a good environment for learning and the sports are competitive, along with the clubs. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the school and make friends. There's something for everyone and everything is fairly competitive, which pushes others to go above and beyond the average person.
Marvin Ridge High School is an incredible school with amazing opportunities. While it’s competitive often discourages students, the teachers and staff do a wonderful job at creating a safe and educational environment. With programs such as the International Baccalaureate Program and extensive AP options, as well as inspiring sports and arts clubs, Marvin Ridge is the glowing image of a well rounded school.
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Overall, my experience with Marvin Ridge has been extremely positive. It has given me unique opportunities that if I had gone to a different school I wouldn't have received. The competition has pushed me further than I ever though I could go to excel in academics, sports and community. The only things I would recommend changing is to not put so much emphasis on expecting perfection, as some kids will buckle to the pressure of having to get straight A's and have a perfect GPA. I'm not saying to not push students to their full potential, but those who cannot keep up with the top 5% of the class should still feel that their best is acceptable.
Most teachers have easy classes and just give you the answers for tests. Some teachers are hard on us with the rules and others just don’t care what we do. Also they really crack down on drugs though.
A good atmosphere, with excellent teachers and a variety of classes and clubs to choose from. However, there is often little structure between classes and the time after school, resulting in an unbalanced work schedule or a large amount of busywork/homework.
Marvin Ridge High School is a public school South of Charlotte, NC in the Union county school system. They are the only school in Union county to offer the IB program to Juniors and Seniors in High School. Academics, Sports and Art programs are all important to both staff and students. Great area to grow up and go to school.
They offer the IB program and the teachers are so incredibly committed. The principal takes great measures to know all of us by name which makes her so approachable. I know she is genuinely interested in all students at Marvin Ridge
They have an excellent academic and parent involvement. StAff willing to assist when needed, however school does lack diversity. They keep students and parents informed on various programs offered by the schoool and outside resources.
It is the best school in the area. The opportunities for students who wish to take higher-level courses are unparalleled. Very safe and inviting environment.
My experience is probably much different than the average MR student because I did the IB program, but overall I think Marvin Ridge is a great high school. There are a lot of smart kids that become successful alums, which is a reflection of the strong academics. The culture is friendly, and our extra curriculars were decent - sports were great, clubs were limited. Overall I had a nice time and look back on my time there fondly.
Marvin Ridge is a great school with tons of great people. I have made so many great friends and I even have teachers who are like friends as well. Overall the school is great, the sports teams win 9/10 and academics are taken very seriously
Marvin Ridge High School has been a place where you can definitely grow as a student, where many opportunities in both academics and sports are given to you. The school offers a variety of sports for different likes, such as track, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, football, wrestling, etc... while also providing academic opportunities such as the AP and IB programs offered.
Marvin ridge is a great school. Lots of people move here every year. Some of the teachers are nice. Has lots of nice students.
The past four years have allowed me to grow as a person because of the welcoming nature of this school. I feel that I am prepared to take on college in the Fall.
Marvin Ridge does has some of the best academics in North Carolina. It is a great school with students and teachers who care. It does lack diversity which I would say is the biggest downside.
I like the academic opportunities that Marvin Ridge gave me such as being able to participate in the IB program however I felt that diversity and acceptance within the school was lacking.
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I liked how the administration and teachers really care about us and want to prepare us for the future. I would change our school laptops though. They work fairly well but they could be newer because they always have issues. I also don't like the fact that there are a lot of sites blocked. I'm not even talking about games but things that I need for classes and online classes that are county blocked. This prohibits me from getting some of my work done because I can't access it at school.
Marvin Ridge is an excellent high school with teachers who genuinely care about the topics they teach and the students in their classes. However, the competitiveness encouraged among students at this school is so intense, kids feel like failures if they aren't in AP or IB classes.
I love how Marvin Ridge makes sure to establish itself as an international school. From various academic programs to the many clubs that are offered, you are bound to procure an enriching experience. Marvin Ridge is also very involved with the community which is deeply appreciated. Each week you see students volunteering, clubs hosting events and parents getting in on the fun as well. Something that I would like to see at Marvin is more diverisity.
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