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I graduate from Marvell High School in 2015 and I miss it so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back to high school, even though I was in a rush to graduate and be grown. Marvell High has taught me a lot and it was a really fun school to be at.
This is my school. Like all it has it’s ups and it’s downs. But we unite and make the best of everything we have. Our school is more of a family and as small as we are we learn and we stick together our sports are minimal but they are very dear to our hearts. Don’t down a small school because of the ethics and the “results of testing” but our soul and our willing urge to knowledge ourselves further with the tiniest bit of supplies we have.
My 9-12 grade years was good. I didn't have any problems while attending there. Every school have its advantages and disadvantages but overall my experience was very good.
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We don't have many sports at all, the teams suck because we always lose and the fans down us, the school spirit is not there at all, and we don't have fitness programs.
Some teachers interact with students during class and outside of class. Others just give you work and barley show you how to do it.
We only have basketball, football, cheer-leading,track, FCCLA, FBLA, and FFA. We have a great tennis court but we don't use it and we have to go to another school to use their track for practice.
Marvell High School may have had some rough times in the past, but it is wonderful place to go. Student are very accepting of new student, and the teacher always have a tutoring option after school.
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