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The nurse is nice and knows what he is doing , the school over all is pretty safe . There is no way in or out without id or someone seeing you .
There are very few places around to really do anything but over all the activities are always fun and the people involved always try to get as many people to join and engaged as possible
Form my first grade year until now this school has always been very welcoming , almost like a second home . You can always talk to the teachers about any problem you have and they do their very best to make you comfortable and happy.Its a very small school but over all its a great one.
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The teachers at Martinsville are very kind . They are always interested in new ways to help us learn.My favorite thing about the teachers here is how much they respect each and every one of there students and the one on one time they try and give to each of us.
Technology needs work. They need more rooms. Counselor keeps her door locked at all times which makes for a feeling of bothering he'd instead of open door policy.
All are nice and approachable. Some policies have become lax, such as multiple hair colors not natural and gates in ears, or body piercings that are visible.
Love, love, love Martinsville teachers!!
Sure this school is not perfect; no school is perfect. This is the best school I have found with caring teachers, polite students, and a sense of a strong community involvement. The technology is behind, need more space, and not a lot of choices for classes but your child will be loved and taken care of. That is the most important thing.
Technology is an issue. They are really behind the times. They need more space for meetings, testing, etc. During state testing they use the church for rooms across the road.
We have basically three coaches that are responsible for everything so they never get a break. They do all sports for middle and high school. We went to state in cross country in 2014. Our basketball teams are very competitive and normally make the playoffs. Our track goes to area and regionals and we don't even have a track or tennis courts. Our coaches take the kids to SAD University to work out for both sports. That is dedication!
The students at Martinsville are normal kids and sure there is girl drama, etc. but it beats all other schools I have ever seen. Five years and only one actual fight and it was minor and handled quickly and fairly.
Overall I really do like the school. I just wish they would make a few changes.
We need more fun options, more sport options, more arts options. Smaller schools usually do not have the money for these or they spend it all on sports. We focus on basketball and baseball. I just recently found out we still have a tennis team? They need to spread it out more.
More needs to be actually done about bullying
Overall I like the teachers. There are a few teachers/coaches that need to leave though.
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