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Martinsville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Although some people might dream about going to a small town school, it isn't as glorious as it may sound. We don't offer as many classes here as other, larger schools do, everybody here is close-minded, meaning nobody has room to really spread their wings. In the past few years we have added some more clubs to the school, but overall we are mainly lacking in that department.
It is a small community and all the teachers try their best to do what ever is best for the children. I have had a wonderful childhood being in this school. They take all the academic requirements serious. They give us advice everyday on what to do when we get out into the real world. They are very helpful and even though every student says they don't like school, I don't mind going to school there everyday.
Martinsville is town of around 1300 people with a school of about 200 participants. The teachers do their best for the students, and typically take an interest in students lives and if they need help. Overall Martinsville is a good school.
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Martinsville Junior/Senior High is a rather good school for being so small. The teachers work hard to help you understand and pass courses. The environment is friendly, and students interact well with each other. The academics are competitive as you get older, and sometimes it's tough, That's what helps us grow, though.
People worry about their health but not enough.
My favorite thing about this school is all the great friends that i have made so far. I would definitely choose to go to this school if i could do it all over again.
Most of the teachers at my school are knowledgeable, have consistent grading, and somewhat good communication skills.
I like the extracurriculars we have. I like to get involved with sporting events and things like that.
Some of our teachers do not quite help as much as some students need it. Other help quite often though.
This is a nice school, we learn a lot it's just that we cannot wear leggings or yoga pants like we used to unless our shirts are long enough to go to our knees.
Teachers all care and are very helpful. A student can make arrangements with any of the teachers to get one on one help.
We are well taken care of by wonderful counselors who do a good job keeping in touch with those who need help in various ways. Our school is Safe and I feel safe there!
Students and parents are very involved in the sports. Facilities are very good since this school is only a few years old. Sports that are not offered here are shared with other schools nearby, for example golf.
Many clubs, sports, and activities are available in order to meet everyone's needs.
A great offering of courses and there are options available for special situations. Students can earn dual credit in some cases also. College prep courses are also available for those interested.
A variety of healthy foods that are low in fat is available.
I am prepared and working to improve because I want to be successful, which is an attitude I was taught at my high school.
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Our principal is a very kind and caring individual. He keeps all students following the rules, but he cares when a student has difficulties that make life hard for them. He is very fair and a good listener.
Most students become involved in some form of extracurricular activity, whether it be sports, musical villagers, Prevention theatre or Chem Club. These clubs are designed to help students grow as young adults.
My first impression that comes to mind about my high school is the teachers care! Students get extra help when needed, if the students takes advantage of what resources are available. All my teachers are able to help me during various times of the day or after school. I have received special encouragement from several teachers. It's a good place to go and all students are challenged to do their best. No time should be wasted when a young person is working toward their future. Our school slogan: Be here, be prepared and be respectful! The community and facility work together to see too it the students are successful whenever possible.
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