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My experience at Martinsville high school, has been incredible despite the odds.We have many clubs and sport teams that do fairly well.Speaking for me a varsity cheer captain I love this school and the spirit it brings to the fans. Honestly, this school has prepared me for the outside world teaching me more about my characteristics.This school being one on one really helped me and the students who needed that extra push.This school really works with students and tries to push them to do more and beyond my gpa is a 3.7 and I'm in every academic club gaining leadership skills for college.I honestly believe that my school will change the faces of the students,and make a better world.
At Martinsville high school you will have some good teachers and some horrible teachers. During all my time there the work never challenged me. I was one of the smartest people in my grade. However, I was NOT prepared for college coming out of this school. Granted, I am going into an engineering program, so it will be hard. But since the work at Martinsville was so easy, I never learned and study skills and that hurt me when I got in college. Overall, I was not challenged at this school.
What I like most about my high school, would be the after school activities. Basketball would have to be my favorite. The games are so much fun to attend they are almost always packed out. Our boys basketball team always puts on a good show.
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The things i like about Martinsville High School is that you can connected with the teachers and administrators.they will help you out in school. But the things i would like to see change is less fights.
I can honestly say the past 4 years I spent at Martinsville High School were the worst 4 years of my life. The standards here are set so low it's not surprising they just let anyone graduate. I never felt really challenged to be better than average and most teachers just stick to the bare minimum. I feel if I had went to any of the surrounding schools my learning experience would have been much better. Everything is a joke here. I thought it would get better by having a new principal this year, but he is not a great improvement by far. There were times when I met with him about a problem I had and he told me "I will get back to you later" and never did. The guidance counselors aren't much better and whenever you attempt see one they are always out of their office. I strongly dislike this school and am so glad to have graduated.
There are a variety of activities. I think they are great and helpful for the students.
There are some wonderful teachers that really put their all into teaching the students but then you have the teachers that seem not to care at all.
I have never had any bad experiences. I think the health and safety policies are great.
I will not complain of the experience this far. It has had it's good qualities as well as bad.
This school offers lots of clubs. First you have the arts; marching band and choir. Then you have the athletics such as football, soccer, baseball/softball, track, tennis, and swimming. Then you have academic clubs, such as student council, HOSA, FBLA, or academic teams for math, science, history, and english. Then you have other clubs such as Key Club which is centered around community service. All clubs have a coach or a teacher as the organization leader. Administration is suppose to go to events, but it is rare that you see them unless it is a football or soccer game.
My favorite experience at Martinsville was getting to be a member of their marching band and eventually holding leadership positions in being a section leader and the drum major. I do not know what makes this school unique, and I do not know if I would go to this school if I had to do it all again. Other schools in the area offer better education I believe.
There are some really great teachers at this school, but there are also teachers that seem to just do it as a job and not because they love teaching. Teaching styles are typical, I believe. Lots of technology in classes and some professors use real world examples. Other than that, some teachers seem like they don't care how students do in their class, and I think that is a problem.
There are teachers here that have come to this school as a last result for a job. The teaching staff is mostly okay and quite a few are awesome! but the administration is bad. For example, this school year the adminstration waited until the first day to give out schedules and they were messed up. The guidance counselor would not take any requests to change classes until after the first week. There are some teachers here that are qualified to teach certain subject, but the adminstration has them teaching another class. Not to mention, we are under Academic Review. Another thing my school does badly is that they waste money a lot. They built a greenhouse my freshman year and claimed it would be used the next year, but it's been around 2 years now and we haven't even done anything related to using it. Also, they bought around 6 TVS around the same area in the commons (which is redundant) I've actually learned more from other programs outside of school than I ever have here. People from other schools who have came here hate it too. honestly, you should send your kids to Basset or Magna Vista because they are extremely better this school.
Most of the time there is an adult walking the halls making sure all the students are safe.
There are a couple of after school activities that the students could get involved in. There are there to help the students further their knowledge or just for the students to have something to do.
Although some of the teachers were great others were not. Many of the teachers showed favoritism towards some students. Even if the students were not doing well in their class, the teacher would still pass them. I personally do not think this is fair for the students who actually had to work hard and earn their grade.
Some of the does a great job at teaching. For instance they give an example and then they give the student thw the assignment. While other teachers just give the students an assig2 without fully explaining what they are expected to complete.
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The teachers that I have had throughout high school have been some of the best people. Although I can't speak for all of them, the majority of the teachers are great!
Six years ago the school was awesome and had a 99% graduation rate. Today the school is crumbling quickly with a 74% graduation rate. Administration does not communicate with parents or students. Superintendent is moving the school away from college prep and more toward just trying to make it through high school. Students misbehave constantly and the students are becoming more and more hopeless. Students are passing classes based on busy work and cram sessions but when you look at their actual quiz and test scores, they have learned little to nothing. The school seems to be promoting the hopelessness instead of making diligent efforts to teach students. Students sleep during tests like the PSAT and say they are not going to college. Athletes are knowingly failing class and SOL's but somehow are still playing the sport. The administration is the biggest problem. Superintendent was quoted saying she is a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, when in reality she is a tax paid for public servant. This is her mind-set and gives a real view of why the school and students are suffering. This school is 70% black but the teachers are white, the Governor School students are white, the Academic Excellence award winners are white, the tennis and golf team members are white, the coaches are white. The blacks are working as custodians, bus drivers and cooks. This is disproportionate.
My experience at Martinsville High school is very exuberant. I am the senor class president and i love interacting with all the senors of 2016. Some of my favorite experiences were hosting all of the pep rallies, and attending all of the senor activities such as: senor cook-out, boys varsity basketball state championships(which we won), senor movie day, etc. My school is very unique because we only have about 600 students which is a very small population and we hold a lot of great talent, and ideas throughout school year for the past four years. I love my school so much. GO BULLDOGS!!!!
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