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My overall experience at Martinsville High School has been a rewarding one. The introduction of Chrome Books, one of my favorite aspects of attending Martinsville, positively impacted the way I learned and completed assignments. The Chrome Books made it possible to do assignments more efficiently, use less paper, and make more resources and information available. Some things that Martinsville can improve on is having more diversity within the school system, as well as putting more focus on students in non-accelerated/non-honors classes.
I liked some of the kids, not many are very nice now. The teachers are all very nice. The Principle is very involved with being with all students. The food was not very good so that could use some work. Also, the food prices are a little higher than I like. Other than that everything is good.
Martinsville High School has prepared my son for college with multiple college fairs. I feel secure with whatever my son decides.
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The other faculty and other students are very nice. They try to engage everyone in school and after-school activities. They are very welcoming and make sure you are comfortable. I love going there, and I'm going to miss it. I hope one day my children will be able to go there.
It feels like all they care about is sports. And not all sports, specifically football. I know high schools are stereotyped to pay more attention to football/sports but I never expected to have to live in that school. As someone who participates in many things and knows many other people in clubs and even other sports, I've noticed that at things like pep rallies those clubs and other, non-football, sports only get a cursory acknowledgment. I constantly see and hear announcements to go to the football game coming up but rarely there is anything about going to a soccer game, or to go to whatever play is coming up, or to go to the robotics club competition, or anything like that.
I recently graduated from Martinsville High School and am now attending college. I feel that Martinsville High School attempted to prepare students for college and assisted in gathering information for local scholarships.
I went to high school here. The quality of the school is very normal. I took AP calculus and AP physics1 and they offer other AP courses which is an admirable trait in a highschool. They also offer several dual enrollment classes in connection with the Colleges of Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College, an Vincennes University. I was able to participate in a business club for a large part of my time here.
I enjoyed the fact that the school is fairly small and there are a lot of wonderful teachers there that are always willing to go the extra mile. The academics such as the Spanish program and dual credit classes really helped with the transition from high school senior to college freshman. For improvement, I think some things to encourage diversity could be done and the sports teams could focus a little more on individual skill than being a legacy to a former student.
The school is okay in and of itself. The people are really nice and they try really hard (at least the teachers do), but the students really ruin the experience. They all seem to have a complete lack of ambition or drive. This means that there isn't a lot of variety for difficult classes because there isn't enough interest. Also, our reputation is really bad because of the lack of ambition and the surplus of self-destructive behavior in the student body.
I liked the small town atmosphere and readiness for change. The staff were always friendly and mostly eager.
I'd love to see healthier food options and more collaboration of cliques and involvement.
The music department is amazing. Full of great directors who will show you what you need to do to get better at whatever you play/ or sing. The teachers are all friendly and are very good at what they teach. They are good at explaining everything to you.
Martinsville always did their best to make beneficial improvements around the inside and outside of the building. Many of the teachers were very open to students and extremely helpful in making sure the curriculum was understood.
Overall, Martinsville High School is a good place to learn. Over the years, I have seen the school and community undergo many changes to ultimately benefit the students. Whether it be through the AP offerings, the school spirit, or the positive atmosphere, MHS has help make me into the person I am.
I love Martinsville High School, the teacher were so cool, calm and collective. Even when kids went wild, they still maintain their cool. I wouldn't change anything about it.
I’m a junior right now about to graduate. This school has really good academic programs and lots of people you get to know because being in academic classes tends to have the same people in them. Sad to leave but ready to start college!
The things I do like about Martinsville High School is mainly the Vocational wing and the resource help. The things I don't like about the school is the fact that sports are basically religious. Sports are a huge deal and if you are not interested, you're considered an outcast.
Martinsville High School is a place where everyone is welcome. The staff and students work together to make Martinsville a place where students want to go. Everyone is very outgoing and willing to help whenever someone is in need. Martinsville is a safe place to be. There has never been a time that I have felt unsafe in my school. If someone is worried about something, someone will take the time to help that student and make them feel comfortable. Something new is always being added to the school to make the experience at Martinsville a good, fun, memorable experience.
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The teachers are caring, helpful and knowledgeable. One thing I would like to see changed is the class length. We currently have 5 classes a day . I would like to see that changed to 7 classes with shorter class lengths.
I would like to see more diversity. I am one of the handful of Asians at this school. I like how you can academically always achieve more but `I also think sports are too important. Many teachers favor these athletic students. I believe it's good if you want to achieve but the lower income, less popular kids are less likely to do well because I don't think the school has a great resources to talk, the counselor are sort of harsh but many teachers it's easy to connect with and some really just act like they're there because they have to be.
Teachers at Martinsville High School are there to help and see the student succeed to their full potential. My only complaint is that there are not very many extra opportunities as far as academics go. Most of the classes are the bare minimum STEM and extracurricular classes. There are a few college courses offered, but I still felt behind the curve compared to students attending other schools. Overall, it is a great place to get a normal high school education.
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